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Title: piles of dirty clothes
Post by: rellik420 on February 18, 2012, 12:15:45 am
im working on a project and im wonder what the best way to go about this is. im only using anim8or for modeling.

i can think of two options

1) model the entire piles of clothes in anim8or

2) model clothes individually in anim8or and use soft bodies in another program to layer the clothes into a pile.

any thoughts?
Title: Re: piles of dirty clothes
Post by: dwsel on February 18, 2012, 01:26:29 pm
Hey, I thinks that depends on level of details you require.

First, please take a look at (as far as I remember) this sci. paper:
There was a description of modeling pile of trash. On the final image you see low poly textured base with some modeled 3d details on top of it (roughly speaking - without going into unnecessary in this case details, like shaping the pile and the simulation)

If I were to model some tidy laying towels or hanging on the hook, I'd definitely do this by hand. If I were to model pile of random trash I'd try the Pixar's way.

1. Might look too fake and detached, and imagine bending and placing all clothes by hand... ;)
2. Simulation of all clothes will take really lots of time, unless you simulate only 2-3 pieces of clothing on top of the fake base pile.
3. Why not to build basic meshes (just general shape) in Anim8or and then sculpt it in Sculptris according to photo reference? Then decimate resulting mesh a little bit in MeshLab?