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Title: Free Anim8or model conversions to other modeling formats.
Post by: lppena on March 22, 2012, 08:52:23 pm
Some of you already know that Anim8or regretably does not currently support exporting models with a true hierarchal tree structure like those used by many currently modeling formats. I can convert Anim8or 3DS, and OBJ models for you in Truespace 3D to link multiple objects together in to hierarchal form at no cost. Just let me know if anyone needs some help converting Anim8or models to other modeling formats.

FYI: TS can also convert models to any of the following formats: FBX, DAE, X, 3DS, TS COB, and TS SCN files. Additional I can use Gamespace to convert the following formats: DTS, CAN, B3D, UT PSA, UT PSK, UT UR, MDL, MD2, MD3, ASC, MS3D, DFX, MTX, W3D, DTS, SMD, UT 3D, and several Serious Sam game formats as well. I can also render animations to SWF Flash files in TS.