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Title: Team project?
Post by: cooldude234 on May 20, 2013, 05:56:55 am


Welcome to the Team Space Animation Project Thread (long title ;))
I wanted to start a group project where the theme and story revolve around space. And not just another story set in space, but one that is actually about space and captures essence and stigma that a lot of people have towards it.
And so here we are.
The Style of this animation is planned to have mixed techniques and styles. Things like 3D rendered backgrounds (and some harder to draw/tedious things in 3D) and 2D character animations. I have been personally working on the soundtrack which is an orchestra crossed electronic (which gives it a good balance between the cinematic and futuristic feel). However if anyone wants to they can contribute to the soundtrack (as long as it fits/is appropriate, that will have to get by first, reasonably that is ;)). THe length of this animation shouldn't be too long, but not too short (in relation to theatrical shows) meaning around 30 minutes would be a good target.

Now voice acting is going to be a tricky thing. I do have good hardware and me and a friend can do voice acting but 2 people is not enough. So please note if you want to do voice acting you have to have a good setup so audio quality can remain good. But this will be dealt with later on.

NOTE: Anyone is allow to join however I don't want 30 people working on something like the story and only a few on animation. Meaning if your joining you might not get to work on everything you want/just the fun parts (you can give helpful suggestions though). However there will be some order to this don't worry it's not like I'm going to be unreasonable.

So the key points are...

Todo List

Note: this post will be edited with updates as the project moves along.
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                                                                     appreciate this ascii art that I made 8) lol                  
Title: Re: Team project?
Post by: TheRetroZombie on June 20, 2013, 06:16:09 am
Haven't been on these forums in a long time since I rarely use anim8or (did use it to make this purposely bad animation: since I'm now practicing 2D animation. I can probably do storyboards, ideas, and what not though can't say that my Anim8or skills are swell enough.

Edit: I also can be useful at video editing & graphics
Title: Re: Team project?
Post by: cooldude234 on June 24, 2013, 09:11:51 am
Sorry for not responding quickly, for some reason the anim8or forms were running... extremely... slow... last week and I dared not to post anything at that speed. Also I'm going to organize the main post as the pre-planning stage has made progress.

I'm really glad we have someone on the team who can also do 2D graphics as well as 3D. I'm sure you noticed I checked you out on youtube
(and got stuck I must add ;)... ( )
I still need to get some stuff sorted, mainly an imeditate form of communication (like Irc chat, or something better(ish) like Skype or possibly even mumble (I hate that application but in this particular case it may actually be good)).
So basically the main premise here is that were going make a mixed art animation (not just 3D, nor 2D, nor cartoon but a range of animation styles and techniques). The whole theme and story is basically the emotional connection and stigma behind outer space. But the main thing that I request is that the characters and environments stay proportionate and full shaded which based on what I've seen from you I believe you can do. I just haven't seen it yet.

So let me know your thoughts from here and I'll see if I can get mumble to work (its free and multiform) and we'll go from there.

P.S. sorry for the long never ending typing ;)

EDIT: I also just resoldered my midi keyboard (after having a 2 year temporary solution that I never want to go back to) meaning music is going to be even better than before :D
Title: Re: Team project?
Post by: davidjtsteele on June 28, 2013, 06:36:44 pm
Title: Re: Team project?
Post by: davidjtsteele on June 28, 2013, 06:38:08 pm
Wait! I got it off this time. what a relief. lol.
Title: Re: Team project?
Post by: cooldude234 on June 30, 2013, 07:39:50 am
lol david ;)

OLD (original) POST

For the past few weeks Ive been getting back into my space mood (with the help of watching the new star trek movie in the theaters as well as some of my other favorite space movies) and I feel that it is time that I say what I think before I start rambling on (and at this point of typing a bunch of may 2-4 drunks are out side my window :P).
I want to ask of people here if they'd like to join a public(ish) project, a space animation epic.

The main idea is that

Note: pretty much anyone can qualify, but if you want to be in the credits you actually have do the work to deserve it ;) (you don't get the cake if you don't make some holes in the walls)
however heads up, if such a case where someone's works are not needed, THEY ARE NOT NEEDED, however this bridge will be crossed if it needs to be crossed when we cross it but we wont cross it if we don't need to cross it, but at that crossing point there will be so many crosses I will not have known which way I crossed it and I will just lay in the middle of the damn bridge instead of crossing it!

EDIT: I forgot to mention some several things in this post I made late last night (when I was very tired ;) ). One is music, the other is voice actors. If you are interested in music just ask and a discussion will be made about it. As for voice acting, I have a very high quality mic however I do not necessarily have the greatest room but I'm sure something could be worked out.
If you are interested or have comments/suggestion please drop a line.

Title: Re: Team project?
Post by: davdud101 on July 26, 2013, 02:06:19 am
Hey, cooldude! Hopefully this is still a thing.
I'd love to do voice acting, music, and sound design if those are available positions. I would also do some 2d texturing/graphics, concept art, story-boarding, other art stuff. Even pitch in to the story if need be.
Title: Re: Team project?
Post by: cooldude234 on July 26, 2013, 04:40:42 am
This is still 'a thing' :P
Right now I need ideas for workflow design (IE how can we communicate easily and share our work, who takes on what parts etc.).
Also I would like to know where you (and anyone else) what you think the direction of the story to go.

Title: Re: Team project?
Post by: davdud101 on July 26, 2013, 02:41:38 pm
Darn. So this is aimed to be a bit realistic. I suppose in that regard, I can do some static object modeling. In any case, I've found that using Dropbox along with some sort of IM service has been extremely effective in my communication ventures.
Title: Re: Team project?
Post by: ENSONIQ5 on July 27, 2013, 01:03:46 am
Cooldude234, regarding collaborative tools for producing movies, web series etc., have a look at  There is a huge community of writers, animators, storyboard artists, actors, editors etc. who can come on board either in a big way, or in submitting individual 'shots' to tasks you specify (these can be story ideas, character developments and technical solutions, not just screenshots and animations).  It is central (and critical) to the collaboration I am working on and really helps keep everything together and it was also where the very successful recent hit 'Iron Sky' was developed.  For Anim8ors, it's also a good way to potentially get your work out there by submitting shots in ongoing productions.  Once you have a storyboard complete it's worth setting up some sort of drop-box for finished work, even a few minutes of hi-res animation can be a whoppingly big file and you'll need a simple way to pass these around.

Good luck with getting this going.  The most important thing is enthusiasm and, frankly, just doing it.  Don't rely on others to get this happening, if you want it to work you need to drive it 100%.
Title: Re: Team project?
Post by: Deepthought on July 27, 2013, 01:43:17 am
I can do 3d modeling or possibly 2d characters,depending on how realistic you want them. Just tell me.
Title: Re: Team project?
Post by: cooldude234 on July 27, 2013, 03:47:23 am
  • -This is taking the more realistic side
I mean logically not visually (IE there isn't going to be gravity on a space ship for some ridiculous reason or lazer guns that everyone caries in their pockets or teleportation devices etc. It's okay if things don't necessarily look 100% realistic (like a nose out of place or something) however nothing extremely mispositioned (NO stickfigures ;))
To illustrate this better in peoples minds I shall use an example, heavy metal (the first one, haven't seen the second), or even the animatrix. In heavy metal there was a collection of stories that worked together to form a bigger picture. Each segment was done in a different style (all featuring music from the 80's and 70's ;)). The animatrix is the same except it's made up of a bunch of different shorts that just shows the matrix universe in a bit more depth.

ENSONIQ5: I was referring to repository and data management more so (I want to avoid dropbox, I don't like it, but there are other choices (free) out there) thanks for the response any how.[/list]
Title: Re: Team project?
Post by: davdud101 on July 27, 2013, 02:51:22 pm
S'wrong with Db? It's got all the sharing capabilities, and 2GB free. And especially this way we can see the changes and work others are doing.
Title: Re: Team project?
Post by: cooldude234 on August 18, 2013, 04:13:28 am
Drop box has issues regarding its license agreement(s) and some of its technical stuff.

However good news, I got a job recently (after about two years of not working for a company) and I will be able to purchase a new graphics tablet (one with a LCD built into it :D) to replace the one that hates me and only works when it wants to.

Anyways lets just get started on the rough concept story (or events that happen).
Anyone actually willing to work on this project share you ideas *insert propaganda poster of "I want you" here*
Title: Re: Team project?
Post by: Deepthought on August 18, 2013, 01:13:11 pm
maybe some sort of  Second Space Race type of thing?
Title: Re: Team project?
Post by: davdud101 on August 19, 2013, 06:55:26 am
Could it perhaps be post-apoc? Or maybe during WW3? I would just hate to go ultra-mediocre on the story when space brings so many possibilities...
Title: Re: Team project?
Post by: cooldude234 on August 21, 2013, 04:40:27 am
Could it perhaps be post-apoc? Or maybe during WW3? I would just hate to go ultra-mediocre on the story when space brings so many possibilities...
LOL sorry but did you not read the previous posts.

PS Deepthought's suggestion is in the right direction, however I don't think the space race has finished yet, so I don't see why there would be a second (maybe? I dont know what Im saying :P)