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Title: Error making AVI frame
Post by: Alpha2 on March 30, 2008, 08:48:36 pm
Hi all.
once again I've returned to using Anim8or, like an abused wife running bad to an abused husband or something. Things were going good, I was starting to get the hang of using bone weights instead of those godawful influence cages when I got beat up again.

While trying to render a movie at wide screen 16:9 DVD format (as I understand it that's 852x480) I received this error.

Error Making AVI Frame

Error code:  0x80044066:

Facility: ITF

I was using the Dvix 6.8 codec (Logical CR...something it gets cut off in the selection window) and I'm using version 0.95.

Anyone have any clues whats going on? and if possible a way around it?
Title: Re: Error making AVI frame
Post by: hihosilver on March 30, 2008, 08:57:07 pm
My guess is that the codec is giving you trouble.  Normally for me I get errors when rendering because of different codecs.  So perhaps you could try a different codec from the one you're using.
Title: Re: Error making AVI frame
Post by: Alpha2 on March 30, 2008, 09:22:25 pm
Thanks I'm trying the Cinepack codec right now and it seems to be rendering fine, I just hope the quality dosent suffer too much because I was really enjoying how good the dvix codec looked on smaller renders considering I'm using a ten year old laptop, especially if I want to render something that dosent look horribly artifacted once I finish adding sound FX and transplanting it to DVD.
Title: Re: Error making AVI frame
Post by: thecolclough on March 31, 2008, 09:44:51 am
hm.  if you're using a decade-old computer, then the chances are it won't be able to handle uncompressed renders at dvd quality... for my short-film projects, i render everything uncompressed at 1024x576, which is the correct format for PAL widescreen (can't comment on NTSC frame size really, although i did think it was a bit bigger than 852x480), but i can get away with that because i've got a shiny new machine with a quad-core processor and 500 GB of hard disk space.  if you were using a higher-spec machine, then i'd advise you to do the same, but if it's 10 years old, then it'd probably take one look at the massive file sizes (i had a 32-second clip that was over a GB once), curl up into a little ball, and die with a pathetic whimper...

personally, i like the microsoft mpeg-4 codec, it always worked fine for me, irrespective of aspect ratio, but i still use uncompressed for major projects, just to get that extra level of image quality.

- colclough
Title: Re: Error making AVI frame
Post by: Tanzim on March 31, 2008, 10:22:03 am
I though this would come in handy, I made this a while ago
Title: Re: Error making AVI frame
Post by: thecolclough on March 31, 2008, 10:33:20 am
I made this a while ago

interesting list, thx for posting that, tanzim.  seems like a lot of the codecs threw out errors - were those tests done with a widescreen ratio, or were they just default 4:3?  if the former, then it would sort of make sense, as there are several widescreen-intolerant codecs out there, but if that was tested in 4:3, then it seems to imply a much deeper problem, i think... :P

- colclough
Title: Re: Error making AVI frame
Post by: Alpha2 on April 01, 2008, 02:29:38 am
Thanks for the list, I may have to check these out for myself, maybe see if I have a few codecs that arnt on the list and see how they react too.

I've been going over resolutions for months trying to figure them out, I dont live in the UK so I generally ignored PAL resolutions as they were something I never expected to use, but I never expected the difference in DVD resolutions to be that big. Previously man of my experiments have been with 720x480 resolutions which I was told once was the maximum for DVDr but that creates a 4:3 aspect ratio unless I fake in my own black bars to create a fake wide screen image... which in this day and age is not the move to make with wide screen TVs becoming the standard much faster now then when I started messing with video.

As for my own computer. it's a Pentium 3, 1.7ghz, winxp, 512meg ram. It's been pretty capable over the years it just has random hiccups that I can't ever predict (I suspect it my have something to do with the 16mb graphics card but I can't change that since it's a laptop).
Title: Re: Error making AVI frame
Post by: ENSONIQ5 on April 02, 2008, 02:19:17 am
I pretty much render everything uncompressed in 720x576 standard Pal DVD 4:3 format.  I leave compression to the final edit in Nero or Video Impression.  I can't help with the specific problem but if your computer is 10 years old, well "there's your problem!"
Title: Re: Error making AVI frame
Post by: Alpha2 on April 03, 2008, 12:17:31 am
I believe I bought it back in 1998, it could have been closer to '99 but for the most part aside from the graphics card being so underpowered the only real issues with the machine has been my refusal to "upgrade" to SP2 because the last time I tried it, it destroyed my OS  but only after it destroyed my internet connection and lead to me spending 6 hours on a phone with and indian M$ tech support guy who blamed ME for downloading the thing THEY made. It forced me to reformat the computer but aside from that the machine has done everything right.

Right now I think the only real issue is which codec I should use since the Dvix codec seems to be one that incompatible with what I want to do, I need to use one with a minimal or no amount of compression so that after compositing with other shots and such it dosent degrade. I'll probably do more tests before I even get to the end of my first project anyway and ned to render it so I'm not too stressed right now.

The only reason I ran into this was because I like to experiment and make sure it's all going to work ifirst before I even start burning my time, Guess this experiment paid off.
Title: Re: Error making AVI frame
Post by: Alpha2 on April 17, 2008, 12:23:50 pm
After finally building a full humanoid character I tried animatiing it and tried the DivX codec again, but this time I went with 720x480 a pretty standard resolution. I remembered that it stopped working on me last time so I thought "why not see if I can effects something in the settings". Low and behold there was an option to output as a 720p HD video  so I chose it, pushed up the quality slider up a notch and the codec worked fine!

Not sure which of these things changed it, either the different resolution I started with or the HD mode or the quality adjustment but I'm glad to be able to use this codec again as it's definitely the best quality.