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Title: XSI Export Script - LIA
Post by: Raxx on February 05, 2014, 01:13:57 am

Okay, here's the XSI export script that supports hierarchy using the LIA system. If you're interested in having hierarchy, I recommend you download LIA v1.1 or later (,4789.msg34799.html#msg34799) and use its tools to help you along the way.


Script is attached.
Title: Re: XSI Export Script - LIA
Post by: lppena on February 06, 2014, 01:39:21 pm
Most excellent Raxx. Many thanks Leroy. I've been posting the XSI work you've done on several other modeling forums including my own forum blog. I've been working with another script writer named Tsvetan that has created an XSI importer for G/Max and I would imagine that modelers can import XSI models into GMAX to animate and texture their models using the key frame editor and mapping tools. He also been trying to make an XSI exporter script but GMAX has some serious issues with exporting non game pack supported models due to licencing limitations.

Question: Does this script act as an XSI exporter or do I need to still use the original XSI exporter that you made a while back? Could you please post some simple instructions on it's application as far as preparing a hierarchal model for export to XSI? Thank you so very much for doing as much as you already have. Leroy.
Title: Re: XSI Export Script - LIA
Post by: Raxx on February 06, 2014, 05:54:37 pm
As the first post states, this is an XSI export script that uses LIA. This is the script to use if you want to have hierarchy in your XSI file. Even if you don't care for hierarchy, this script still will export a model normally. There is no reason to have a previous XSI export script installed.

The hierarchy system is explained in the LIA (,4789.msg34799.html#msg34799) page.

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