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Title: linux mint and Anim8or
Post by: johnar on April 22, 2014, 01:55:33 am
 I'm starting to play with linux mint 16 mate edition.
 I've installed q4wine and 'play on linux' but not having any luck at all running Anim8or.
 If you are using linux and wine and running anim8or succesfully, could you please tell what packages you have installed, what version of anim8or you are running, and any other possibly helpfull information.
 I'm getting a new pc soon, and was planning on keeping it offline and continuing with winxp  . But i've got mint16, and really like it. If i can get anim8or to run on it then i may just become the latest linux convert.
 Any help much appreciated.
Title: Re: linux mint and Anim8or
Post by: dwsel on April 22, 2014, 05:04:51 pm
I used to run Anim8or on Mandriva several years ago. It was the latest build of Anim8or before the new development cycle (v0.97d). I don't have access to that system any more to tell you the WINE settings. Beside the ghosting during selection (which was only a visual glitch that I got used to) I was able to use Anim8or fully and with great stability.

Can you post your WINE version, settings, graphics card model and driver number? Which version of Anim8or did you try to use?

In the next 1-2 months I'm planning to install most recent Mint also with intention to install Anim8or there so any findings can be useful.
Title: Re: linux mint and Anim8or
Post by: johnar on April 26, 2014, 10:27:29 am
Hey there dwsel, sorry took a while to get back.
 I have installed Q4Wine, Wine console, wineTricks, and 'playonlinux 4.2.1'. (and winecfg)
 Have tried Anim8or versions 0.95, 0.97d and 0.98. Running windows xp pro 2002, service pack 2, on toshiba satelite laptop. 
As it turns out, i don't think i'm really going to be much help at the moment, and will try to explain.
  I was given a disc with 'Linux Mint 16 - Mate'. It seems to be the latest version.
 Ran linux off the disc a few times, and decided to install it.  First Major problem...the only internet connection here is through my mobile phone, which wasn't recognised at install, so i installed it while off-line.
 As you probly know, Linux likes to be connected when installing, and it also gives you the opportunity to install the bits and pieces you want/need to start with.
 So, after realising this, i took it round to my mates place, who knows a little bit about linux, and has an internet connection.
 We got online and it installed a few updates, and then he went straight into the 'package manager' and just picked out things to do with 'wine' and 'connecting to internet using mobile phone as modem', and some other network stuff. Since then i've been trying to get things happening here , with what i've got, but not having a lot of luck.
 So with Linux at the moment, the long and short of it is: i can do WiFi if i'm near a hotspot, which is never. (laptop battery dead), internet connection through linux, which makes it dificult to sort things out.
 I really like Linux Mint, and may use it on a  pc for videos and music etc, but if i cant run Anim8or, and cant download and check out linux based 'video editing software' etc then, the transition to linux is not a happening thing.
 If i ever manage to get Anim8or working on Linux, i'll be sure to post here and relate the good news and the details.
   I gotta say, although i'm really happy with the windows xp operating system, Linux Mint is definately something i would  change to, when the time comes.  ;)