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Title: [fixed] Figure(mode),Material flip,Render-Image.
Post by: MvGulik on November 24, 2014, 11:31:46 am
#098-xxx - ?:NamedComRec Material binding bug.
Fixed: v0.9.8 build 1140 (,4795.0.html)

[-] Figure(mode),Material flip,Render-Image.

A little leftover part in relation to a issue that was fixed in(or before) build 1061.

Initial issue: After editing, or creating, a material in figure mode. Any used Object-materials on the objects in the figure would switch to using the same-named Figure-materials (or flip to default material). (for Figure and Sequence Workspace, which was fixed.)

The leftover part in this case is "Render image"* in Figure and Sequence mode.
*) Only for "Art Ray Tracer" render. The other two render modes (Scanline & OpenGL) are not affected by this.

- Version/Built: (1061) .. 1139.
- OS: XP & Vista

- ObjectMode: Create mesh, create material01(Red), apply material to mesh.
- FigureMode: Add bone01, create material01(not Red), Add Object to bone01.
- (save/load)(ART test image render)
- Open Figure material01 and close with OK.
* ART Rendered image is rendered with Figure-material01 instead of Object-material01. (Figure and Sequence mode only)

*build update*
*fixed update*
Title: Re: [-] Figure(mode),Material flip,Render-Image.
Post by: Steve on December 01, 2014, 02:28:42 am
This will be fixed in build 1140 :)