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Title: Interesting challenge for a 2D specialist
Post by: ENSONIQ5 on April 01, 2015, 07:41:42 am
A bloke I have been working with on another collaborative project is starting up a personal project which needs a bit of animation, specifically the sort that looks flat and 2D.  His message is as follows:

"This is a personal note and hope that someone in the group can advise or assist. I am putting a personal project together that needs some basic animation - Think Hitch Hikers Guide meets line drawing! Its going to be a ten minute short, if you want to read the script to see what I am doing please message me and I'll send it over. Thanks in advance...Anthony Straeger"

I don't have time to assist and 2D ain't my thang, nor do I have any more details at this stage.  If anybody is keen for a challenge and a bit of exposure (Anthony has many contacts in video production) let me know and I'll have my people contact your people to arrange a time for them to meet his people... Whatever, if you're keen, post below or PM me and I'll hook you up.  Cheers Anim8ors!