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Title: How to get this model to work with anim8or
Post by: argo34116 on September 13, 2016, 02:55:47 am
I have downloaded a model of the star trek phoenix like the one seen in First Contact from I tried all the formats. There are no textures with the 3ds, lwo and obj files provided. The Blender file looks good in Blender, but will not work properly when I export as obj. When I open the exported obj in anim8or the textures are there, but there are an insane amount of them (over 22,000) and they do not appear properly and I cannot work with them in anim8or. The program goes to not responding, sits there like that for sometime then moves on. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue or find a different model somewhere that will work better? I searched and could not find it anywhere else