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Title: Grid Changes?
Post by: cooldude234 on September 30, 2016, 08:43:29 pm
When I go into point edit mode with grid enabled and a bunch of points selected, when I move these points they don't retain their position relative to the other points (they don't move in unison).
I am pretty sure that the grid didn't work like this before?
But either way I would like control over whether the points movie in unison (like if all the points where moving like an object does with grid enabled) or whether they move individuality (each point snaps to the grid).

Take for instance, I have a cylinder and I want to move all the points on one end outwards by 1 unit. Right now if I go into point edit mode and select all the points and move them in the Y axis, they will become 1 unit further out but all the points wont be in a circle anymore. The cylinder will end up having a jagged end.
Title: Re: Grid Changes?
Post by: Steve on September 30, 2016, 11:26:35 pm
The grid tool has two behaviors. Normally it snaps points to unit coordinates (i.e. multiples of the current grid setting - assume it's set to a grid snap of 1.0) relative to the shape's coordinate system. If they are originally in a circle some of the coordinates will have initially fractional values. After snapping they will all have integer values in the shape's coordinate system , so won't be in a perfect circle.

However if you hold the Shift key down then the points will move in integer steps relative to their original position and thus will keep the circular shape.
Title: Re: Grid Changes?
Post by: cooldude234 on October 02, 2016, 01:20:06 am
Thanks Steve!

I just tested this out and it sort of works like I wanted it to but not quite.
So I think I know of a potential fix for this.

My main use case example is like this; you have a cylinder that faces vertically (for this example lets say the ends of the cylinder are have way between the grid 0.5), I want the ends of the cylinder to match the grid but only in the y direction . So in that way they points could snap to the grid instead of just moving 1.0+ from their previous position.
Right now if I take my cylinder with its ends being between where they should snap, and move them up by one with the grid enabled they will still be inbetween where they should snap.
My suggestion is to make it so if you hold down a different key (like ctrl) and move, it snaps the points ONLY by the axis you have selected and the other axis remain the same.

EG I have my cylinder and I want to snap the ends of it to a grid of 1.0 intervals and they currently are sitting at 0.4 between the grid. I enable the Y axis to move only and I hold down ctrl while moving the points and all the points snap to the 1.0 grid BUT ONLY on the Y axis.

PS. Sorry if the post is hard to read, I'm a bit sleepy right now ;p