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Title: Anim8or and OBS studio
Post by: Alpha2 on April 19, 2017, 01:03:56 pm
I was tinkering with OBS for streaming my 2D art on Twitch for a bit and I thought about potentially streaming some Anim8or sessions. But I couldn't get OBS studio to play nice with the software. Normally I'd use the "Window capture" mode and have it to just display a single application's window, but with Anim8or the best I can do is get it to see the user interface, it ignores the actual 3D portion of the screen or just duplicates the interface inside the area where the 3D would be. I can get it to broadcast Anim8or if I use Screen capture mode which copies the whole screen regardless of software, but that seems to be more hardware intensive and actually causes my Laptop to overheat not to mention I risk showing information I don't want to accidentally since screen capture shows anything/everything that appears on my screen and not just an application's window.

Anyone have any experience with OBS and Anim8or together? I noticed there was a Twitch channel devoted to it and followed, but it hasn't been very active.

Also for reference: I'm using Win 7 and the most recent release of OBS studio.