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Title: Version 1.0 Bugs and Suggestions REFERENCE THREAD
Post by: chuft-captain on May 22, 2017, 06:11:26 pm
A while ago I told Steve I had a few thoughts / observations / suggestions for version 1.0, however I'm always too busy doing other things, so I never get around to posting them.
So what I thought I'd do is create this thread as a place-holder containing a reference to each of the suggestions, bugs etc, as I get around to posting about them. Some will be simple bugs, others might be issues raised as a result of changes in the latest build, and some others will be issues that have been around for a long time which I've never got around to reporting. (Most of these I've either long forgotten about or found workarounds, so I'll probably just post about each of these as I re-encounter them and my memory is jogged.)

Please DO NOT REPLY to this thread, as it's just designed as a personal reference / index to the issues as I report them. Please only comment / reply in the DETAIL thread (once I've created it).

As I get around to it, for each issue, I will add a bullet point to this post/thread with a link to the detailed thread describing the issue in more detail. If you see an item listed here without a link to a separate thread, that's just because I haven't got around to creating the detailed thread yet.

As I said, if anyone has comments about any of these issues, please reply in the DETAIL thread (NOT in this thread).

Here's the first few:
1.OPENBuild 1269 BUG - Alt key has been re-assigned. DETAILS HERE  (,5536.0.html)
2.FIXEDObject Folders - Parent Folder needs an indicator as well. DETAILS HERE  (,5538.0.html)
3.OPENObject Folders - Some sort of bulk re-organisation functionality needed.DETAILS HERE (,5539.0.html)
4.OPENGroup / Ungroup - inconsistent effects on Object Layers DETAILS HERE (,5548.msg41797.html#msg41797)
5.OPENGroup / Ungroup loss of Materials -- (May have been fixed already - TBA)
6.NOT A BUGRedraw failure + keyboard remapped on SAVE. DETAILS HERE (,5540.0.html)

Title: Re: Version 1.0 Bugs and Suggestions REFERENCE THREAD
Post by: Steve on May 22, 2017, 08:32:05 pm
chuft-captain: This is all good feedback. Unfortunately I'm just day's away from the v1.0 release. I don't want to make any changes that risk adding major bugs at this point, especially since I'm going to be away from my computer for the month of June (Italy again ( I'll reply to each in it's own thread.

I'm replying here because my comment applies to all of your ideas.
Title: Re: Version 1.0 Bugs and Suggestions REFERENCE THREAD
Post by: chuft-captain on May 24, 2017, 01:32:27 am
Completely understand and agree, and I have no expectations regarding timeframe in any case. (Sorry I haven't posted earlier).
Probably the one with the least risk of regression is #2, but NONE of these is worth the risk when you're so close to release.

That said, you might just want to make sure that you can't replicate #6 (just posted) before release. (Although it did come right eventually, so probably not a show-stopper even if you do manage to replicate it.)