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Title: Selling Models made in An8 as assets?
Post by: fromsoysauce on May 25, 2017, 08:43:50 am
It occurred to me that, at least in Unity, there is a fairly well supported "Unity Assets Store." If I am totally honest with myself, I feel like the most fun I have in 3D modeling is designing characters and dressing them up cute. It's not nearly as fun to, for example, make terrain or back-drops. So I started a document for plans on having a product line for Unity Assets that anyone could use for their own projects.

Every character would come with a standard set of animations:
Air Attack

And usually at least 3-6 animations that are unique to them based on their design or equipment (i.e. a sword user would have slash animations)

Right now the idea is still in brainstorming phases, but I was thinking of having product lines mainly for public domain characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Lady Justice and the Grim Reaper. Also maybe down the line for gods and goddesses from various myths, like Artimis, Neith, Chalchiuhtlicue, and Kaggen.

Of course, having a more generic line is something I could do at some point too, like: Ninja, Mermaid, and Knight.

Of course,  this all still comes as second to my role as a video game developer, and will serve as something to do as a nice side hobby.

How does this sound to y'all?
Title: Re: Selling Models made in An8 as assets?
Post by: V on May 30, 2017, 03:37:20 am
I feel indecently to give an advices on how to manage your time to. Your ability to make complete cool fullframe produce, not only elements, seems imho rarest and valuable.

For the 15-year career of a CG artist, I died after chose a narrow specialization in objects modeling, matey slipgate, too, was burned on it. Me thinks that this may be a system trap, but hope you avoid it. Please :)
Title: Re: Selling Models made in An8 as assets?
Post by: fromsoysauce on May 30, 2017, 03:47:54 am
I see what you mean- but I think it's coming at it from a very different direction.

The key word in my OP was "side hobby".

I find myself making a video game, and then have a bunch of assets laying about that I don't really know how I could used for a different story. But maybe it could make some small extra cash that could go into funding the next game, if I turned them into purchasable assets.

I can usually make a cute character model, all properly outfitted and rigged in just a day. And as an artist, sometimes I just wanna model ideas. But this winds up creating things that do not fit with the game I am working on at the time.

So, as you might be able to get a sense of, I have a bunch of spare models just lying around and nothing to do with them.