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Title: Gelato Pro
Post by: Arramol on May 30, 2008, 04:44:44 pm
Hello all,

New to this forum, but I used to post on the old one years ago under the name of AggieGoku (you can still see some of my embarrassing first efforts in the early pages of the gallery), so hello to anyone still around from then.  Anyway, I noticed some discussion in the v.97 preview board about creating a Gelato plug-in for An8.  Thought this bit of news might be interesting in that regard:

NVIDIA's releasing the pro version of Gelato for free, with multithreading and GPU acceleration, so if anyone's interested in creating that plug-in, this should make it a lot more worthwhile.  Anyone done any work in rendering Anim8or projects in Gelato?  I'd try it out, but I'm on my Linux notebook at the moment.  I may give it a spin later when I'm on my desktop.

Steve, it's great to see that you're still working on this.  It was quite a shock to come back and see that you're adding ray tracing!  Last time I was here, you'd just added a method to simulate reflections using textures.  Amazing to see how far it's come since then.