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Finished Works and Works in Progress / The Invisible College
« on: January 13, 2011, 03:16:42 pm »
Latest effort:

The soundtrack and lighting contrasts achieve some nice shifts in mood as we cut from one protagonist to the other. I appreciate that there are scenes still missing, but from a narrative point of view, I think that a question needs to be placed in the mind of the viewer within the first ten seconds, and then by the end of the clip, the question has to be resolved, after you have toyed with the expectations of the viewer, both visually and intellectually. It has an impressive overall look and the music binds it together well.

Hi Neodelito,

Thanks for your feedback. My approach from first contact with anim8or was to work my way through the entire process of completing a film, because I wanted the overview on the whole process that doing that would supply. So, yes, the figures and textures are very basic. As everything about it is basic, I think there is a consistency there that helps it hang together. I might be deluding myself though. I think that whether I try to get to grips with more advanced techniques depends on what it is I try to do next in animation. I may well seek your guidance, thanks.

As regards your offer of help with the website, I will send you a message as I do not want to conflict with the forum guidelines.



Hi Kubajzz,

Thanks for your kind words. Yes, it is all my own work. The individual tracks for each of the characters on the soundtrack were created with Easy Music Composer, and then distorted using WavePad. Then the various tracks were combined via MixPad. The soundtrack was then combined with the anim8or .avi files using Windows Movie Maker. The same principle was applied to the teleprinter in the Freudian 4x4. The Major-Lactic animation came about as a result of attempting the Walk Cycle tutorial and deciding to do a March Cycle. It would be great to get some people registering at the site. At the moment it is a big fat zero. :(



Hi folks,

Was the concept behind this project just fataly flawed, or have I gone about promoting it in the wrong way? One problem is that nearly all the sites do not allow commercial posts. Any feedback would be gratefully received.

The project the animations are trying to promote is at [Moderator edit: commercial link removed]


I apologise if these two anim8or animations fall foul of the posting-guide-lines re commercial posts, but I have got to give it a try ...

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