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Didn't know about it until now, but more or less that's kind of how I see it. Though, according to it, I go for about 40% furry. :D

I actually want to be as loyal to the original sketch as possible, and in the sketch I tried to give her a human mouth from the beginning. There are many levels of furry-ness, and I'm going for 50% furry, 50% human. Now that you mention it, though, I could give the mouth more of a "w"-ish shape, at least. Oh well, it's not like I can't change it later if I don't like the result, anyway.  ;D  Also, I plan to give way more detail to the nose. The lack of hair and the blank expression don't help me judge the appearance, either. I think I'll just see how it turns out for now.  :-X  Thanks for the constructive criticism, though.

@Janro: It would help me a lot to see how you approached the subject, especially from the more difficult, at least for me, side view. So if you could post an image of the side of your character I would appreciate it.

I just have one question though. Why did you go for a human-like lips? Looks a bit off when compared with the nose and (potentially) ears.
I made the lips human-like, because I want the character to be somewhat serious and maybe a bit sexy. A cat-like mouth would just make her more cartooney.

Also, thanks for existing. You can't imagine how much your avatar is helping me with the placement of the ears right now...  ;D

Also, I think maybe I will shrink the forehead a bit. I think I made it too big...
It's difficult to judge her appearance without the hair and the cheek, though...  ???

I'm still at it, although I go really slowly. I finished the core head and the ear, now I just have to do the nose, hair and body. The nose has proven itself to be the most difficult thing in the history of ever, so it will take some time and a LOT of effort to be done.

I have not decided yet about the size and placement of the ear, since when I placed it according to the reference image the cat looked like a donkey. Also, it's really difficult to connect the ear to the head.

I still have not found the hairgen, and I don't know which would be the best way to make the hair and the cheek: With the grassgen, with the hairgen if I ever find it, or as carefully textured solid objects?

The side view is awkward. Maybe it needs a few minor corrections.
Bad quality screen capture, windows paint is broken, sorry. ^^'
The ear is modeled after a real cat's ear photo. It may be too realistic for my model, but I'm not sure if that's the problem with it... It just seems out of place, somehow.

I finally learned to draw sideviews of my characters, so the next one will have two reference images, and therefore be a lot easier.  ;D

Thanks everyone, that was the problem, I tried to connect the meshes before joining them. I'll try to remember it.

I have almost finished modelling the head, and soon I'll post some new screenshots. Right now I only have to do some details, the nose, and put them all together. I already made the ear in a seperate file, and I think I'll make the nose the same way, since it's impossible for me to do it with extrusions.

The purpose of this post, though, is to ask some questions.

First of all, does anyone know where can I find, a hair generator for Anim8or? The link I have does not work at all. Also, if I manage to find it, do you think it would be better to use this for Lila's hair, or should I use another method?

Secondly, as you can see at the sketch to the first post of the topic, Lila is wearing a Karate-gi and a sweater, both very loose, which means they'll have to wave when the character moves. Can Anim8or actually do that, or will I have to do it manually?

Thanks in advance.

I made some corrections. It still needs some more, but only minor this time. Next thing I'll do is to complete the skull and the neck, and the easy part will be done. Then I'll have to do the nose, the pointed tuft of fur in the cheek, the ears and the hair. I just patched up the nose, to start working at its details with extrusions to make it a detailed cat's nose.

I tried a few things, but it is more difficult than I imagined, and I'll leave it for later. I intend to extrude the upper "line" of the current nose, and start making a T-shape. If anyone has a better idea or an advice about the cat's nose, it would be appreciated.

I also tried to make a Subdivided render to see how it looks.

...And a mirrored one. For some reason, the "Merge Points" function didn't work.

Yup! Still at it. I told you I work really slowly. Not a particular reason, though, I'm just lazy.  8)

I tried to make the nose, but the Joan of Ark Tutorial proved useless when you try to make a cat's nose, so I'll leave it for now and try to improvise when the time comes. So I made the mouth instead. It would have been ready a loooong time ago, but every time I tried to move some points in the mouth to make micro-adjustments Anim8or crashed for some reason, destroying a long hour's work and shattering my nerves. I made it, though, after many tries, and now Lila has a mouth. I would say it's a bad thing to be one of the first to give to a female, but she still has no voice, so we're safe.  ;D  I also tried to round her face a bit, but it still needs some work. Still needs many fixes. Working with just one reference image is hard, especially when you are a beginner like me.

Also, I still see her as a bunny, even though I made her based on my cat!  :-\

I like the mouth. I have to fix a bit the area around it, though...

I made some progress, added the cheeks and the jaw. It needs some corrections, and I do have to make the face more round, because when I mirror it, she looks like E.T.. I follow the tutorial step by step, and it makes things very easy, even on the harder parts. Next, I'll insert the pointed tuft of fur in the cheek. No tutorial for that, so I'll have to improvise.

in your ref image the bunny looks mad.
Why why WHY did you have to do this to me? She is supposed to be a cat. Now I can't see her as anything else but a bunny! And I drew her, for Pete's sake!  :o  :P

Seriously, she is supposed to look tough in the pic, but I want to animate her later on, so I need her face to be neutral for the model.

Thanks everybody!  ;D  I worked a bit more on my model, and almost finished the scull.

@$imon: I knew there was something wrong in that area. I'm not quite sure what exactly you mean by the forehead being a big line, though. I also decided to keep all my points, since that way it would be more loyal to the Tutorial. Thanks for the helping hand there.  :)

@Josmic8or: I'm not a very good artist, and I could not draw a side sketch of Lila with exactly the same proportions, so I could only use one image for a reference. The problems with using only one image, though, are starting to show, since the scull came to be too stretched on the vertical level, and I had to do some more work to get it right, stretching it horizontally line by line. Also, the face is way too flat, as you can see on the Top view, so I'll have to make extra effort to round it some time.

I had the impression that overlapping edges would produce problems in animation. If I was mistaken, then the problem solved itself, I'll just have to extend the socket edges a little inwards and move the eyeball a bit forward. Thanx. :)

Thanks everyone.  ;D
I'm not really into furries, at least not more than I'm into anything else I like. I made this character inspired by a comic I like, called "Blacksad", where the hero is a cat and all the characters are animals, even though the stories are dark and serious, and I used my own cat as a model.

I worked a bit more on my model, following, as always, the Tutorial stap by step, and I ran into my first problem. The eyeball does not exactly fit in the eyelids. If I start rotating the model, there are some gaps between the eyelid and the eyeball, and that's probably bacause the sphere I used is very Low-Poly. I'm afraid, though, that it might be too much work to adjust the eyelids after I finish and subdivide, especially since I'm planning to animate the character afterwards to make short movies, which means that the eyeball has to fit perfectly on every angle, and be able to rotate so the eyes can move. Any advice?

Hello, I'm new to Anim8or and 3D Animation in general, and I'm glad I found an easy and free program to help me satisfy my creativity.

After I tried the Eggplant and a random plant, I wanted to experiment in making characters. I, of course, did not know how, so I started by adding points. As a reference image, I used a comic character of mine, based on my cat, Lila.

My first try was a real mess, so I deleted it. After some search, I found the "Joan of Ark" tutorial, that gave me a good way to start. That tutorial is, so far, doable and very easy in Anim8or. This is how far I've got, in about 3-4 hours of work.

It is very early, I assume, to make a judgement, so if anyone has any useful tips to help me continue, they would be appreciated. I use only the shown reference image.

Also, I have to say at this point that I work   v e r y    s l o w l y , so I guess it would be some time before my next addition.

Also, please excuse any errors you may find in my writing, since English is not my native language.

Glad I found you all.  ;D

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