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Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Freddy!
« on: December 30, 2017, 05:34:05 pm »
Arik , you're alive !!! Still waiting for the wireframes of that submarine though ;D

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Merry Christmas
« on: December 30, 2017, 05:26:51 pm »
Great video. Well done . Happy New Year !!!

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: My Anim8or Projects
« on: December 20, 2017, 10:22:49 am »
Super! I wonder why people don't post ALL their work created in Anim8or . Time by time people past by and post some wonderfull stuff.

Layers, as I finaly figured out, are very usefull. We just should clear it up a little bit.
First: Steve, it seems that the "0" layer has kind of a "higher priority" by default, always. When you hide that layer, in the material bar, the matterials ( visuals , spheres ) don't show, you can see the names only ( pic.1 ).
Also there's something with the primitive (the Mesh Primitive - see "a mesh" - is fine) created on an empty layer set as default, different than "0". The "0" layer pops up, although other was set as default. When you double click on the primitive and then close ( only by "Ok" ) the parameter window the "0" layer turn off and the ( say ) "1" gets active with the underline under it ( the same result can be achieved by simply converting the primitive into a mesh )( pic.2). Note: when creating two or more primitives without changing the settings, first gets active the " 0 " layer ( first primitive ) and then as an addition the default ( if different than " 0 " ).

Now, very important, about grouping- ungrouping. Ofcourse very important others opinion, how they generaly go around with it.

1)When grouping items of the same layer, it's obvious the group should stay in that same layer  (period) Ungrouping items, that originaly were located on the same layer, should be relocated on that " old" layer and not transfered automaticaly to the "default" layer
2) About grouping items from different layers: first I thought it would be good to prohibit that possibility and to mention, by a pop up window ( So'd just you know window  :) ), that items can be grouped only when they belong to the same layer and they must be manualy transfered to the same layer before you can group them. Then, ofcourse I understood that it would be stupid, because you loose the ability to group at once a lot ( million ? ) of items without the need to manualy ( !!! ) edit their settings !!! So, grouping items, that originaly belong to different layers should locate the newly created group into the default layer.
And here I bring up again the suggestion, if it is at all possible, to set the " default " layer via the Midle Mouse Button on the tool bar directly. You just click ( MMB ) on the layer you are currrently working in ( better maybe "working layer " - as a replacement to that " default"  ), that layer gets the underline and everything you group will be transfered to that " working" layer. It's the way actually things work now, just you have to go all the time through the Options menu, wich is not practical. Currently, when ungrouping items that originaly were located in different layers, each item returns to its original layer and that's the correct way, nothing should be changed, because when editting often you need to group things just for a sec or two and then relocate everything back. The only thing is that grouping items from different layers, as you mentioned, hidding the layer (of the item originaly ) hides the item inside the group. That should not happen. The visibility of the group should relay only on the layer that the group belongs. Anim8or should " seek " for the group layer's visibility only and only when items will be ungrouped they can be affected by their original layers.

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Gyperboloid's Lab
« on: December 03, 2017, 12:34:52 am »
Nope, Trevor, no glossyreflector on the walls. Basic Anim8or material. The blue light comes from 6 local lights ( 3 on each half ) above couch, behind the vases,for decoretive purposes. The noise is generated from the shadow size ( =10 )  of the 3 local lights (yellow color ) near the window ( one infront of the panel curtains, to produce the shadow on everything inside the room and two behind the curtains to create the shadows on the wall, above the couch and ceilling, to give that kind of a sunny day light. Although I used 64 AA sampling, it's still too rough, so much more samples needed. ( so more time too, >>15 min of mine )

As I remember, cooldude asked a question about your work . Repeating him actually : are there your games, for which you make all those characters, anywhere around ?

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Gyperboloid's Lab
« on: November 30, 2017, 11:08:24 pm »
A light under the bulb works only when the bulb is under an untransparent lamp cover, so the shadow created on the ceiling is actually what you see in reality. But you still get the shadow even when the bulb is under a semi transparent material, which is not the way the light behaves in reality. So, actually no work around available yet. The only way is if Steve can add some code.  ;) I can't resist to mention it ( though, I 'll post a detailed message or two, in the forum when it'll be the right time to do so ) : read in the forum, in some old topics, Steve said that he actually ( I thought it's impossible at all, due to the rendering algorithms choosen at begginings ) to work on the photon mapping rendering method (!!!) with all the goods (caustics e.t.c ) but it would just take him like 3 - 6 months. 3 - 6 months ... it's actually like nothing ( Steve disagrees  :D ) !!! I don't mind to wait 3-6 years !!! ( Steve although would  ;D )

Project update : almost finished the whole pre-final stage thing.

Nice. A wireframe screenshot would be interesting.

Anim8or v1.0 Discussion Forum / Re: Problems with Anim8or V1.0 Scene mode
« on: November 30, 2017, 09:20:30 pm »
As I replied on the other topic, try to change the shading settings. View-> Preferences -> Shading turn it off at all or just change to the old ARB Fragment Program. It's set to the new GLSL by default I think, there's some kind of bug I guess, if that's the problem actually.

Where is the fast AA render option?

AA settings, left lower corner . I think it's "on" by default ??

Thanks a lot for the advice guys. I do render from 0, it was just an example. Sometimes the transition between two frames is not smooth. I have tried V1.0b but it also crashes when I enter scene mode. Maybe the scenes too complex?
Thanks again

I use the latest build. It did to mee too. I think I figured out what the problem is. My project was 35 MB at the point the problem accured, but I think the size is not the problem here. When I was in the Scene mode in Wireframe shaded view, everything was Ok ( although a little bit freezy, despite computer's 8 GB RAM ). But, when I changed to the flat shaded view Anim8or crashed !!! Thankfully, the project was saved at the right point and nothing was lost. Then, although I couldn't understand what exactly happened and I did the same mistake again. From wireframe to flat shaded ->> crash !!! Only then I changed from wireframe to solid shaded view and no problem. I forget about it for a day or two and the next time it happend again, but... I almost lost the whole work !!! Suddenly I couldn't go from Object Mode to the Scene Mode at all... crash again. Maybe Anim8or remembered the shader settings ( flat shaded ) and that's why I couldn't get into Scene Mode . I oppened the project in the old good v.0.97d and it worked !!! That means the project was not corrupted. Opening a new empty scene ( new project ) was possible too, but turning to the project scene, crushed it again. Finally, I think I found the problem... it's the new shading settings - >> GLSL. Changing to the old ARB or turning them off fixes the problem

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Gyperboloid's Lab
« on: November 21, 2017, 02:00:04 am »
fefe01 : I guess you haven't seen $imon's work   ;D

So, I will pause a little bit. Did just some tweakings, added chairs, vases ( man, everybody knows that dielectric class is awesome ) , some boxes. Did some traditional curtains, but man, it's a pain ... I'll continue with the panel curtains. Looks fine.
It's like the final stage left. I don't feel at all to try to mess around a lot with textures. Just fine if everything looks satisfactorily.
There are, still, some strong limitations ( with my noobiness at top ), as it goes with the lighting, rendering. For example can't put a light into the lamp, so it could light through it. So had to remove it ( the lamp ). It creates ugly ( unrealistic ) shadows also ( even if the light is  scaled, so the lamp gets located inside the light ). The first image is with the lamp ( no lights near the lamp ). Not the worst of the results I had , though.

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Gyperboloid's Lab
« on: November 18, 2017, 11:37:02 pm »
You know what ?!! I know what : I can't modeling !!!  :P Once I'll clear it all a little bit, I'm gonna start that modeling topic at last !!!  :-X

As about the project : finished the first ( one n' a half ??? ) stage. Everything planned from the start, now is finished.
- The building ( floor, walls, roof, doors )
- Basic appliances ( light switches, suko sockets, heat units, air conditioner and some other, near the doors )
- Lights (ceiling lamps)
- Windows ( with curtains )
Did some furniture, just to see if it looks as I planned . I like it so far. Though, now that's the next stage : to fill it ( appartment ) with all the stuff ( furniture, decorative items e.t.c. )

All the modeling is kind of messy, although I'm trying to keep it as simple as I can, but without a general lack of accuracy ( modeling accuracy is not my goal, since, even if it would be, I would not be able to handle it anyway ;D ).
But one thing I realised for sure ( well, not that I didn't know that ), is that I CAN'T MODELING !!! ( didn't I say that already ? )

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Gyperboloid's Lab
« on: November 15, 2017, 03:39:24 pm »
Trevor : I'm sorry I disappointed you  :) , but those are not fine renders. Instead of posting a screenshot ( PrintScreen ) of an OpenGl working window, I just rendered a scene with a single local light. I used ART ( !!! ), since scanline doesn't give good images ( don't use it at all, and since ART was introdused, alonge with the OpenGL renderer should be removed from the list of renderers ? ) As I said before, actualy , maybe I should not post any images before I'll finish some parts of the whole project, but I still posted them.  :D
As about your settings, I'll try them, but later, since there's no point changing a lot of materials just to test an unfinished thing.

fefe01 : As I mentioned, nothing special, just a test and no special "technique" used at all . Rendered with ART, with a single local light ( casts shadows, ray traced ) above the center of the carpet. Default material settings. Environment: "basic" white solid background. No Attributes, nothing.

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Gyperboloid's Lab
« on: November 08, 2017, 08:34:58 pm »
A tiiiiiny update.
 Originally I started with the building ( floor, walls, ceiling ) and doors. I'll set later proper textures, materials. Now I have almost filled the walls with the sockets, swithches, some heat units. The air conditioner left. Some lights. Finally I'll start making the furniture. Did some already, for tests. Looks fine.
Shouldn't actually posting anything before I complete at least the first ( first-second ) stage, but just haven't worked on it lately and may have not some time in the next weeks too.

Hm, yes I thought about it. Then I should say that "t" shortcut should be removed from Point Editor instead, like the " l " shortcut too.

Steve restored it, yay ! It is actually practical since there's the option to switch between PEF extended selection. So when  it's turned off, there you have the "Selelect Face Edges" command ( "t" - hotkey ) through the Edit -----> Select menu. Then you can switch from edges to points ( verticies ) just by deselecting edges and leaving points being only selected.

If there's no problem I'll post some stuff that popped up.

1) Following what I said about "Select Face Edges" command and the PEF Extended Selection particularly : as was mentioned from others, sometimes you don't want all the mess that is created by switching components ( PEF ) with the "PEF Extended Selection" enabled,while right after you would like to use it, then again to select something with the PEF Extended Selection" being off etc., it would be very practical if user could switch it on or off somewhere on the component panel beside ( left tool bar ) and not going through the Configure UI menu every time.

2) About the Coords Systems, I think Steve mentioned it, but I say it again. In the Object Mode all three Coords Systems work perfectly !!! In the Figure, Sequence and Scene modes the rotation of the bones is also perfectly relevant to the Coords System choosen, but for the objects we have the old behavior. Object Coords System behaves as World, with Z-Y axis reversed, for move and rotate commands.

3) Following that, is it possible to add something like buttons under Coords Systems for the World Coords System only,in Scene Mode, to reverse:  Y - Z axes ( currently they are ) <----- one button
                           X - Z axes  <------- second button
While the LMB ( Left Mouse Button ) stands for the movement in Y and X axes reversing everytime Y or X with the Z axis, for the move command only ( the buttons under Coords become selectable only when "move" tool activated) , user could "slide" objects on the ground ( Z - X plane, Y - Z axes reversed in World Coords------what actually happens currently, since in Scene mode Coords not fixed ) and " to hang a picture on a wall " ( Y - Z plane, X - Z axes reversed and Y - X plane, with no axes reversed ). In Perspective, ortho and other, not "currect" views, it would be ( maybe ) usefull to have the ability to move things in two-axes-planes with the use of a single mouse button ( LMB ).

4) One thing I dealed with, is that you can't change the name of an object folder. If there are more than 1 objects inside the folder and you trying to change the name of the folder for the particular selected object, then that object becomes "orphan", located outside the folder. If there's only one object and you rename the folder, after hitting OK the object becomes again "orphan" but the folder gets deleted ( maybe "empty" folders should be allowed, so later you could put enything inside them. Anim8or has no problem with "empty" objects inside folders though ) .So , if you think the name of a folder doesn't fit anymore to the contained objects, the only way you can go, is to create a new folder with the desired name and manually relocate all ( !!! ) the objects.  It seems Anim8or can't delete and create new folder when you are trying to rename the " old " one. Being able to simply rename a folder is ( seems to be ) very practical, but I guess Anim8or can't access ( and chcange ) object's settings on folder belongingness ( OMG what did I write )

5) Find out this very important and maybe not difficult to implement. Layers. First when they were introduced, couldn't clearly see how helpful they could be. Everything works great, only some tiny fixes and it's perfect ! Something mentioned before, about grouping things in the same layer. They should stay in the same layer. Currently they go to the default, but if you working on any other and the default is invisible, grouped items from other layer become invisible too. Shapes being grouped from same layer should stay on that same layer, the group should not be put in the default layer automatically. When you ungroup things they return to their original layers though, even if shapes were in different layers before grouping. Although I see that it can be difficult, maybe, to code, since everything new created goes on the default layer.  Another thing is that Sphere, Cube and Sylinder as a parametric shape when created, while default layer is not the "0" one ( nothing created still ) , goes on that default layer ( "1"- "2" -"3" whatever ) but the "0" one ( not underlined though since not default ) becomes visible, though doesn't contain shapes. Then you create another Parametric Shape or bring up the shape settings window and the '0" layer goes off. The "0" layer is too jealous, you know.
The last and the most important : I think "Working" instead of "Default" layer maybe is a better title, since it's "the currently working" layer. And following the previously said, while working on something I felt the need for being able to switch the "working" (  ;) ) layer on the top panel using the ( only available ) MMB ( Midle Mouse Button ). Currently users "lock" and "hide" "unhide" layers with LMB and the RMB, using the Options menu to change the "working" ( ok, ok "default" ) . Will speed up the workflow a lot, on complex objects, with different items on different layers.

6) Since mentioned the "hide"-"unhide" thing. Very usefull commands. Being able to hide selected items is pure gold. The "show all" command is good too. But, I think, if possible, the "show selected" command( with the use of the "item list" ) would be pure platinum ( or what's the next after the gold  :P ). Picking an item/items from the "item list", from those hidden, making them visible again, without the need to use the "show all" command and select again all the shapes you want to keep hidden, exept those you want to stay visible. Frustrating .  :o

Last one, since the new Arc Rotate Tool introduced, you need to click 3 (!!!)  times on the view mark ( left upper corner ) to change the view. Numpad and view menu works fine. Only on workspace window the problem exists. On previous versions user even could clicking on the view mark and while holding down the mouse button dragging through view options and releasing the button on the desired view option. Very quick way to select views. Good if it can be restored.
And to remove the ability to split solids in Point Edit Mode with the use of "loop cut" command, since "Split Solids" command was implemented in the Build menu in the Object Mode. When nothing is selected ( edge loop ) in Point Edit Mode, while hitting "l" or from the Edit menu, an aware window should pop-up and remind that " no edge loop is selected" instide of splitting solids. Splitting Solids should be available only in Object Edit mode through Build menu.

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