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General Anim8or Forum / Re: "An8-Chan" side project
« on: February 21, 2017, 10:21:22 am »
Hey there, everyone! My youtube fans have been wanting me to get back into making an8 tutorials, but I've been hesitant to do it because I wanted to do it with some good fun production value.Ultra Heavy Duty Draw Runners

An idea that's been floating around in my head is to have the tutorials actually feature a fully animated cute character that just flies in from time to time to give the whole series a more episodic show and pseudo story and not simply a tutorial series. this is it! Download Texas GIS Data here | click cheap furniture storage auckland site | where to find cheap storage auckland

Of course, if you remember me, you also remember that I specialize in making "anime girls" So I was thinking of translating Steve's Robin into the design of cute and quirky anime girl "An8-Chan".

If you have any suggestions for design elements that you think would work well for the character let me know. Or if you think this idea is just silly weeb trash, feel free to let me know that too. check my Title 24 energy report blog | browse our tatami bjj gi link

This is definitely a great idea, not trash at all. Whatever you do just try not to oversexualize your anime character. I've noticed this is a huge factor in most anime figures and it gets kinda monotonous. Fun and quirky will do just fine. All the best.

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