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Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / undo spline scale, strange behavior
« on: March 19, 2008, 12:54:35 am »
Using undo after scaling a spline doesn't work as expected.

- Create a spline using either the straight path or curved path tool.
- Move it somewhere
- Scale it to be bigger or smaller
- Undo

In this case, using Anim8or .96 preview (july 31) build, the undo operation moves the spline back, leaving it's modified size the same, instead of undoing the size.

I've also seen it, in other situations, undo the scale operation and a previous operation within one click of undo.

Hey guys, just a few thoughts about how PNG  support would help anim8or users:

- PNG has support for an alpha channel (not just all-or-none alpha as in GIF), which many game engines use since it reduces the work of the artist who otherwise has to make two textures and load them, it also is more work for script writers or programmers working with anim8or.

- Lossy compression is not that bad when saved once, but often times when creating content for a video or a game things get continually improved and each time a texture is changed and saved as a jpeg, its quality degrades futher. We do have lossless compression with BMP and GIF, however file size of BMP and color limitations of GIF and lack of good alpha support for both make them not ideal in many circumstances. I understand that BMP does support compression but that feature seems to go mostly unused.

Those are just some things that came up when working on electropy.

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