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Anyone who was around when Cre8or was still a thing HAS to have heard of Dylan 64 at one point or another. It was my project from 2010 and 2011 with a massive amount of hours put in to get everything just right.

The game starred Dylan, who went around beating up a Dugg monster that was minding its own business, tipped cows from their perch atop the clouds just to be a jerk, and kicked colored balls around the level like they were nothing. He also swam, jumped, and explored the clouds above the castle below.

It was a rather... unique... game, to say the least.

Now that Cre8or is no longer a thing, and I no longer am able to play with the last remaining bits of the game left, I have decided to create a spiritual successor!

Using the power of Unity 5, and the modeling abilities of Anim8or, I am working on a new game with a new protagonist: Nancy Stargaze - Nancy 64.

Below are screenshots of the character and the game. Dylan 64 aficionados may notice that the geometry of the test world looks similar to the level geometry of Dylan 64. I merely re-did the level from memory, and I will use it for testing as I build upon the level. I don't know if the level will appear in the final game, but for nostalgia's sake, I may leave it in.

This is a VERY early stage of Nancy 64. I'm mostly testing things out and experimenting right now. I want this game to surpass the quality of Dylan 64, and while I can no longer play Dylan 64 to get a feel for how it plays, I can watch the last surviving footage I have of it on my laptop.

I do have Dylan 64 Final on my laptop... If you can dig up an old Windows XP somewhere in order to play it, I will provide a new download link to Dylan 64 so that people who missed out on it the first time around can catch up.

*EDIT* <-- Dylan 64 Final (Download Link)

This game is five years old. I was young when I made this. As such, the documentation may be a bit... iffy. Also, you must have a PC with Windows XP installed. I tried running it under a virtual machine, but to no avail, so assume that the game is incompatible with virtual machines.

The game MUST be run in OpenGL. Running it in DirectX9 may produce a skybox related error message. (A glitch with Cre8or, probably)

Also, the game is not copyrighted. This was when I was ignorant to how copyright laws worked, and I put a (c) Ratio Games Ltd. on every single game I made just because I thought it looked cool.

The game is NOT copyrighted and Ratio Games Ltd. is not a real company. I just put that there for coolness, because I was a very retarded little boy.

General Anim8or Forum / How to get Cre8or working on Windows 7?
« on: September 22, 2013, 06:00:42 pm »
I've found some copies of Cre8or on an old Windows XP, and decided to salvage them to my new laptop. I have the original ZIP files, so if anyone wants them, tell me and I'll put up a link. The problem I've been having is that most of these don't work on my Windows 7 64 bit laptop. I would like to know if there is a way to make them work on my machine, I have no idea when Project Undead will be released, if ever.

The versions I have are:

Cre8or 9
Cre8or v0.75
Cre8or 12
Cre8or 13

9 does seem to open up the little splash screen at the start, but immediately glitches up and displays and error.
13 just crashes entirely.

I haven't tried 12 or 7.5 yet...

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