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Hello, I'm new to Anim8or and 3D Animation in general, and I'm glad I found an easy and free program to help me satisfy my creativity.

After I tried the Eggplant and a random plant, I wanted to experiment in making characters. I, of course, did not know how, so I started by adding points. As a reference image, I used a comic character of mine, based on my cat, Lila.

My first try was a real mess, so I deleted it. After some search, I found the "Joan of Ark" tutorial, that gave me a good way to start. That tutorial is, so far, doable and very easy in Anim8or. This is how far I've got, in about 3-4 hours of work.

It is very early, I assume, to make a judgement, so if anyone has any useful tips to help me continue, they would be appreciated. I use only the shown reference image.

Also, I have to say at this point that I work   v e r y    s l o w l y , so I guess it would be some time before my next addition.

Also, please excuse any errors you may find in my writing, since English is not my native language.

Glad I found you all.  ;D

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