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ASL Scripts / Conditional Loops
« on: April 26, 2010, 02:43:57 am »
Hello everyone I been using Anim8or for couple years now and I love it. Anyways I've been looking into ASL and trying my hand at a few scripts. First one i tried to do was a simple mirror script. It basically creates a mirror model across the X axis. And each time the script is run it locates the old model ("CopyMesh"), removes all old points, and updates the new points from the mesh that is to be copied ("mesh01"). Anyways what I cant do it seems is get conditional statements right. Im trying to make simple loops so it will load the points. I thought it was:

while (Condition) {Statement};

I really dont understand it I pretty sure that the correct format. If not please tell me. Every time i run my script the console tells me error ";" expected, error "}" expected, error "}" expected (Im sure its correct). Its my first script i have made and im racking my brains out trying to figure out why it wont work. (I know there is one under the topic EXPERIMENTAL MIRROR but that one is constantly running I just wanted it to update the mirror side ONCE at the push of a button, rather than selecting copy, deleting, selecting mesh, mirroring.)

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