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This first one is an animation I created a few years ago for a Planetarium on the Isle of Wight(UK).

- Planetarium Animation

Here's a Star Wars video I did based on Shadows of the Empire, sorta. It's The Outrider trying to get away from the empire.

The Outrider Outruns.

...and here's a Star Trek video I did based on a fan series called "NX04 Discovery" that a few of my friends were working on back in 05. This is one of my favorites, which is odd considering how much I hate the show Enterprise, and everything representing it.

NX04 - Space Battle

This is a Spoof I did back in early 2007 of Duke Nukem Forever leaked footage... Well I just uploaded the High Quality version today.

- The Original Video.

- High Quality version.

Lastly, here's the evolution of my Production Logo over the years. Most of which was done in anim8or, with a few exceptions (The still image ones were done entirely in PSP and Windows movie maker, the very last one was rendered in anim8or, and visual effects applied in Adobe Premiere)

General Anim8or Forum / Rendering Splines.
« on: January 06, 2009, 02:58:17 am »
This may seem really really stupid, but is there a way to actually render Splines? Im trying to use them for toon shading on a character i'm building. The alternatives are a nightmare, and just drawing a few splines was really easy.

Is this at all possible? Is there a way to trick anim8or into this? 

EDIT: Excuse me, I am referring to the paths that make up splines. Oops.  ;D

General Anim8or Forum / Strange mesh issue. Could use some help...
« on: December 28, 2008, 11:33:03 pm »
Wow I havent been on here in awhile.

I'm having a bit of an issue. I've built a model in Milkshape 3D and exported it to Anim8or. Some bits of it are hacked off of Half-Life models. So I did all the stuff I needed to... I export to 3ds, import to anim8or. As is usual with the lower poly models it looks pretty ugly without the smoothing set to 90 or 180. So I set it to 90. Nothing happens. I raise it to 180. Nothing happens. What the Heck? So I look at the mesh in wireframe mode, and when selected, it looks like a good number of the edges are red. I cant figure out how I go about repairing this. Any thoughts would be good.


Thanks in advanced for any help. This is really giving me a headache as it's keeping me from getting an accurate idea of what my model should look like.  :(

General Anim8or Forum / A problem causing me some grief.
« on: March 18, 2008, 09:24:56 pm »
Hello! I have been using anim8or for several years now, and even completed a movie using it some years ago (used to be on youtube but I have since taken it off as it is not the best I could have done.)

Currently, I am in the process of making another movie of sorts, and well, I have had this issue with many of my meshes, often it pops up on cylinders, or spheres where I have "regrouped" part of it in Milkshape 3D to apply one texture to one part, and another texture to another part.

The result is usually these "lines" acrossed the actual mesh lines. Currently im working with a certain sci fi monster, and it has a particular smoothness to its head obviously... Welll, some rather UGLY lines are appearing while im trying to take a look at the texture (and thusly work on bump maps/spec maps). I've tried subdivision, i've even tried joining the solids, nothing seems to work, and it only appears like this in anim8or:

Thanks in advanced guys!

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