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Anim8or v1.0 Discussion Forum / Idea for Skinning
« on: December 10, 2017, 12:20:35 pm »
Hello there! I would like to list an idea for making skinning easier. For the longest of time, the most precise way at skinning a figure was the weight painting option. However, I don't think there is an option for painting one side at a time. Currently, you merely have to paint all the way through a model, which is inconvenient, and, many times, severely limiting. Regardless of how anyone has gotten pass this, I think the ability to paint either only the back faces or front would be a great addition. I think it could be implemented like the drag selection's back/front buttons, when it comes down to it.

The main issue is that, if you only need to paint one side to a specific model, that may not be possible, as, even if you turn it to one side, you might have to paint over some other part of the model. There's no way around this! You just have to keep turning it, and, in some situations, you will never be able to avoid painting over a part of the model, all the way on the other side! You'll have to go back around to it, again, and repaint it, wasting precious time.

Again, I'm not sure how people have managed, but I think having the more reliable weight painting able to paint only a side at a time, like in lots of other art programs, would be a magnificent addition. I like anim8or for its simplicity and 'plug'n'play' graphics manipulation. Many other programs think that, to have features, they have to make the layout as scattered and complex as possible, and manipulation as slow as possible. Not anim8or, as it keeps it feeling more like a 2D paint program, like Paint.Net, when it comes down to how graphics are manipulated, and how it implements features and effects, using simple pop up dialog boxes and hot keys, and tabs and modes, all packaged in a simple configuration. The biggest part of this ease comes in how the camera is kept its own quick and easy mode, which allows manipulation to come first, as it should always, and be right at your finger tips. Most the time, other programs are slow, due to how they map cam controls to the arrow keys themselves, and other, and thus force you to go through more to even selecting and moving vertices. Again, anim8or is more 'plug'n'play'. Thus, I would also like to have the same flexibility where I know it is still going to be possible.

Thanks, in advance!

New to posting on this forum, and I use anim8or off and on. Just recently, I've accidentally screwed up a save, though it wasn't completely my fault. However, I was trying to see if anything was salvageable, and apparently, a while back, in 2009, someone had this problem, and someone was able to roll it back to something within the file, via the file attachment of the corrupted file.

Can someone help me extract at least the objects of the previous file, if I can upload it via attachment, or is there a process I can do, to personally save said objects?

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