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Finished Works and Works in Progress / My first model: It's a book.
« on: December 05, 2008, 11:19:18 pm »
Here's my first real creation in Anim8or. I did go through as many tutorials as I could find so you could say that this is not my *first* model. But it's the first one that I built by myself and for a specific purpose (not just to play around). I needed a book to tell a story in a movie that I made for my wife's birthday. (If you want to see the movie's intro, go here:

Once I had figured out the textures, my book looked realistic enough to start building a scene. Actually, the lighting and the camera movements were my two biggest headaches. Building the model was easy in comparison.

I just wanted to share. :)


I'm trying to represent a star field. I have seen several methods including one using Terranim8or. But I was trying to find a simpler solution. So here's what I did:
-Create a simple cube, convert to mesh, get rid of all faces except one.
-Create a JPEG file with a bunch of black dots randomly located all over a white background.
-Create a new material. Load the JPEG file as its transparent texture. Apply to what is left of the "cube" (I call it the wall now).
-In scene mode, create a new scene. Add the "wall of stars". Position the camera in front of the "wall". Add an infinite light BEHIND the "wall".

Well, I was hoping to see the stars shining through the wall. All I see is dark.  ??? Does that make sense? What am I overlooking? Thanks for any help.

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