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so I got this image in my head the other day and thought it was funny. I decided to try to model it out. Im still not happy with the texture of the skin, nor the lily pads, but i still have a lot of playing around to do.. anyways tell me what you think, and suggestions / constructive criticism is always welcome

General Anim8or Forum / a few questions about materials and lighting
« on: October 22, 2008, 02:17:19 pm »
I am pretty unexperienced with anim8or (although ive been playing with it off and on for a few years) but i sat down last night to play, and after a couple of hours, came out with this...
I have tried everything I know to get the material of the faucet right, but just cannot get it to look natural.. here is the original photo that I was modeling from...

any suggestions or Ideas to get the material to match more closely? also, any suggestions for lighting would also be greatly appreaciated, I have tried, and failed, multiple times to get any lighting that i like..

also, if anyone has any suggestions for making the base of the bowl look more like in the photo, that would be great!

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