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I'm new here and this is my first post, so at first I introduce shortly myself. I'm from Switzerland, so my English isn't good, but i hope you can understand my anyway. I'm a great Star Wars Fan. It was my dream to create 3d Objects. Oneday it was for 25 days ago ;D I found Anim8or. It's a great program I have to thank you very much steve :D

At beginning I finished the 3 tutorials than I started to modelling a cargo ship which looks like one from Star Wars.
I'm very happy with Anim8or so i had the idea to make little movies of Star Wars. Just like the game serie "Rogue Squadron".

It's important for me, that I will do mostly by myself (models, animation, texture) I only downloaded texture sheets from an other websites. The second point is,that I want to creat a movie, who looks realistic and created only by freeware.

So I'd like to show you some picture:
1. Here you can see my first own model. I haven't done the texture yet, I startet to texture my turbolasertower because it has a much easier shape.
2. My turbolasertower without texture.
3. My turbolasertower with almost completet texture.
4. I tried to make lasereffects with the programm effect labs demo, but they put a huge label of their enterprise at my video. So I decided to do my own laser in Anim8or. But i have to improve the laser, it isn't Star Wars like at the moment.

Thanks much for you interest. Critique is welcome  ;)

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