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Hi - I am still living and I am in contact with Tanzim.



well hihosilver is right - I explicitly said that I want to pay. If the anim8or community is not about job offers then
I appologize.

I had an offer from someone doing the fox in 3D Studio Max before, but after looking at all different programmes
(like Blender, Maya, 3D Studio Max) I found anim8or to be very intuitive and most likely for me to make changes
and to do the rendering I want. And yes, I did several tutorials and examples with anim8or for evaluation, but I know that
with my current skills I will not be able to do something that is looking good enough, especially when it comes to texturing, etc.
It would take me several attempts and weeks and I currently do not have enough time for it.

It is quite normal here in Germany to get offers from Freelancers for doing artwork, etc - as the model should be used
in a project that could become commercial one day it would be nice if the model itself is not publicly available (at least when
I had paid for it). So again - if this community or this forum is not the right place for such inquiries, then I appologize.


as there was a feedback to my post - yes I am looking for someone to build the figure (bone,skeleton) as well as the object (mesh) plus the textures and I would need exclusive rights to use the final figure/object.


I am looking for someone who can build me a figure of a red fox, including needed textures and the bone structure,
so that I can later move the foxes body in different positions for rendering. I have attached a graphic of the red
fox - the figure should look similar to the fox on the image if possible - so a bit comic style - nothing realistic.

I have basic knowledge of anim8or and can do most of the things but I do not have the skills right now to
be able model such a figure.

I would ask everybody who is interested in this job to give me a quote in USD or EUR and some references to
figures done earlier as well as an approximation of the time needed. All rights for the final figure should be transferred to me.
I would do payment by Paypal.

Please send me a private message.


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