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ahh, there's that possible guy from jeb.  this should do for now.  though I'm still open to similar model with facial controls so hit me up if someone finds something better.

thanks hiho.

hello all. I'd like to work on my character animation skills a bit and I'd like to bypass the modeling and rigging phase. I remember ages ago Jeb provided one of the best ones Ive ever used. it was basically a 3d version of this guy.

it had a dace animation and everything.

does anyone know of a nice pre rigged model like that I can use to practice with? it doesn't need to be too fancy, simple yet effective is all.

I'd love it if it also had some facial controls though.  I'm going to try and grab some audio from a sitcom or something and animate to that. its something Ive always been meaning to do but never got around to.

yeah, Ive downloaded a couple of the sample files, but even after analyzing them and trying to recreate the attribute values/classes, I still don't get any type of reflection. no idea why.  Ive only been able to get them to work by copy and pasting the sample materials and modifying them to my liking.

Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / Re: Anti-Alias on textures
« on: April 05, 2008, 08:51:47 am »
Tanzin, you you cant slap on a low res texture in anim8or have have it all pixelated like he's wanting. anim8or always smooths it out. Ive found myself wanting this feature as well for recreating 2d video game stuff in 3d. but the only way it was possible was to upscale the sprites I was useing in photoshop first (using the nearest neighbor scaling option) and in the end its just not worth it usually.

Wow, youve really outdone yourself Steve. I didn't think anim8or would ever see a real raytracer.
I'm finding myself very lost though, even with the documentation.  I cant figure out how to do simple things such as making the reflection more subtle. (something akin to turning down an environment map value when using environment maps). and I still don't get all these new terms. is there a thread I can go to right now to learn as much as possible about how to get specific results?   I keep finding that using this new renderer makes the lighting way darker to the point where it removes all detail from my pics. makes everything flat.  I know there's something I'm not doing right though.

anyway great stuff from what Ive seen. I think the only major thing left that I'm dying to see from anim8or's renderer is motion blur.
do you for see that ever happening?

oh, and fur ofcourse, but I think we're still pretty far off for that.  but for all I know it may be more achievable than motion blur.

could those smudges be avoided with some type of masking? like, by using the depth of field to make sure the shadow doesn't overlap things closer to the camera.

the idea doesn't sound like something that would work, I'm just throwing something out there.

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Welcome to the New Anim8or Forum
« on: December 18, 2007, 09:38:58 pm »
nice. I have to wonder now though. the wip forum is now functional again (as in people can reply), correct?
whats the point of having now? weren't those forums meant to be a much needed substitute once you closed off the old WIP forum?  and now both forum systems are pretty close in functionality, wont there be a needless split in userbase?

what kind of anim8or user do you expect to use this one? like, do you think the newbies will tend to post here, and the more experienced on .org?

 I just think it may confuse some people

anyway, nice job once again.  now if only you could give a similir upgrade to the main site...*hint hint*

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