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An update to Anim8or, v1.00b, is available with a few bug fixes. Get your copy HERE. See the "ReadMe" file for details.

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Good point. I'll add something to the manual about this.

In Object/Edit mode the:

Turquoise (cyan) lines in a mesh are those that have two faces and will be shaded as a crease. The solid angle between the faces is greater than the Smooth Angle of the mesh.
White edges are shaded as smooth, and have a solid angle of less than the Smooth Angle.
Green edges have only one face.
Red edges have no faces.

Hey, there's always a chance of breaking something! You could be hit by a meteorite at any time, without any advance warning. But what are you going to do, hide in a cave your whole life???

I should be able to add this to v1.0

Anim8or v1.0 Discussion Forum / Re: character anim8ing
« on: May 24, 2017, 08:02:43 pm »
I've updated Anim8or to keep a separate coordinate system for each of the Object, Figure, Sequence and Scene editors. This will be in the v1.0 release

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: 90s CGI bird
« on: May 24, 2017, 06:03:27 pm »
I think I'd freak out a lot more than those two guys if I saw something like that!

Nice work.

OK if it recurs let me know.

Problems 1-2:

You need to use the Visibility controller. Double click on an object and in the properties dialog click the "..." button next to "Visible" in the Other Animated Properties section. Then click "Add Key" set the value to 1 to show the object and 0 to hide it. It will be shown//hidden from this frame until the next frame that a key is set with a different value. You can also edit the controller in the track window.

See the controllers section in the manual for more information.

The Edit->Hide command is an editing command that allows you to temporarily hide things that are in the way of your work. The Edit->Delete command deletes things from your project.

Problem 4:

The easiest way to do this is to make two keys in the frames before (i.e. 10) and after (i.e. 11) where you want the object to move. Set them to "Corner" in the key properties dialog, and THEN in frame 11 move the object (with animation enabled).

You can also do this with Step keys but you may need to adjust the entering and exiting directions in the Graph Editor to keep your object stable.

Are you in point edit mode ore the base object modeler when this happens?
What OS and graphics chip do you have? See the About->SystemInfo menu command for this.

I can't reproduce it but that doesn't mean it is or isn't a bug in Anim8or ;)

I have a goal of eliminating all current uses MMB because there isn't really a good button on most computer's mouse, just a scroll wheel that clicks. Eliminating them isn't easy to do.

First some background:

The original Alt+RMB was added because in those days many computers had a 2-button mouse without a wheel. Then it was impossible to do things like deselect a single object. But now all computers have a wheel so the Alt solution isn't 100% necessary.

I realize that this is a break with user-interface compatibility but feel that it has tremendous advantages. It's much easier to pan, zoom, rotate your view when modeling without interrupting your work flow.

Why eliminate (re-purpose) the MMB?

For experienced modelers, being able to fluidly view your model from different angles is very important. What I'd like to do is add panning to the wheel as well as zooming. You could click-drag with the MMB to pan around your model and scroll the wheel at the same time to enlarge of reduce the view. 3DS Max does this and it's very, very useful.

What about tablets?

This is a huge problem of design. I do want to make all the functionality available to touch-screen interfaces but it will necessarily be a different UI. Anim8or runs fine on my Surface 3 but, obviously, a lot of things aren't accessible. Something left to do after v1.0 is out.

chuft-captain: This is all good feedback. Unfortunately I'm just day's away from the v1.0 release. I don't want to make any changes that risk adding major bugs at this point, especially since I'm going to be away from my computer for the month of June (Italy again ). I'll reply to each in it's own thread.

I'm replying here because my comment applies to all of your ideas.

Anim8or Challenges / Re: Challenge #34: Anim8or 1.0 splash screen
« on: May 22, 2017, 07:47:56 pm »
I think so. There is often thoughtful criticism in the "Challenges" forum.

Anim8or Challenges / Re: Challenge #34: Anim8or 1.0 splash screen
« on: May 22, 2017, 06:51:11 pm »
Yes, everyone can vote, including contributors. Besides you can vote for 3 so go ahead and vote for yourself if you want - you can also support others.

Anim8or v1.0 Discussion Forum / Vote for the v1.0 Splash Screen
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:45:51 pm »
Anim8or v1.0 is just about ready to release. View all the candidate splash screens here and then vote for your favorite one here in the Anim8or Challenges forum.

Anim8or Challenges / Re: Challenge #34: Anim8or 1.0 splash screen
« on: May 20, 2017, 11:49:18 pm »
Voting has started!

View all the final submissions here: then vote for up to 3 of your favorites in this forum! Pole closes next weekend (May 28th as far as I can tell).

Anim8or Challenges / Re: Challenge #34: Anim8or 1.0 splash screen
« on: May 19, 2017, 08:44:52 pm »
ronaldefarmer: "AN8 -V1"  - nice touch :)

kreator: You didn't know that I sell home-made vacuum tubes in my spare time ;) ?

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