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An update to Anim8or, v1.00b, is available with a few bug fixes. Get your copy HERE. See the "ReadMe" file for details.

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Ongoing Anim8or Development / Re: Topo Tool
« on: January 19, 2016, 10:48:44 pm »
Ive never understood what this was before today.

I managed to get it working and gave it a whirl, pretty cool.

The deleting points/lines yet keeping face and UV co-ords is amazing, Add edge and auto-fill sounds great.

Ill need to play more to fully understand.

What is dissolve by the way?

I also agree that MMb should either be minimised OR at least have an alternative.

I do have a MMB and wheel, but having been recently using An8 on someone elses laptop I found soo much functionality missing without MMb... Big one was unable to deselect things...


Great, downloading.

Im glad you found the problem.

It was weird that it happened all the time yet when I tried to show you it stopped.


Yeah sure,
It seems like some sort of buffer overrun as its based on the number of points selected.

If I keep the number low (havn't tested fully but Ive been keeping below 16 verticies) then it works fine and I like the new Average position as oposed to either/Or position after merge.

If I select a large number of verticies say > 32 then it starts to drag other verticies into the selection causing faces to either disapear or invert.

It happens on both 98 and 10.

I dont know that sending a model would help, so ill show a picture.

What the... now its not happening...

Well, the minut it does again ill post a pic


ok, just tested the above mesh and it happened again

Merge points at 0.001 causes error circled in red

I think I have found a bug with Merge Point.

I selected all verticies and then merged with 0.002, yet it tried to merge verticies that were 7.00 distance... it seems very odd.

Further, if I selected small groups of verticies to merge (eg, the join between 2 capless cylinders joined together into 1 mesh) then it would work ok, but select all still merged verticies from all over and swapped the normals on some faces...

Not entirly sure whats going on there.

It worked fine in the previous version.


Slex, I think you have already figured this out but An8 already checks the full DIR of the texture location AND the local .an8 file directory.

So, if your .an8 file reads
texture { "9479F24040Other"
  file {
    "D:\\Anim8or\\GE Modeling\\GoldFinger\\Maps\\PillBoxes\\9479F24040Other.bmp"

An8 will first check here. IF no file exists it will then check the current working DIR (where you clicked the an8 file)

What could be usefull might be to check Local DIR/Last String loop.

eg, lets say I had all my 4bit textures in a folder named Textures 4Bit, .an8 would read
texture { "9479F24040Other"
  file {
    "D:\\Anim8or\\GE Modeling\\GoldFinger\\Maps\\PillBoxes\\Textures 4Bit\\9479F24040Other.bmp"

Now, lets say I moved the project to a new HDD or opened over a Network Share.

An8 would look for the texture and fail on the first check, it would procede to local DIR and also fail because the texture is 1 more folder, so, get an8 to attempt
for n = 0 to entries - 1
  LocalDIR+last entry(n)

This would produce the following
D:\\Anim8or\\GE Modeling\\GoldFinger\\Maps\\PillBoxes\\Textures 4Bit\\9479F24040Other.bmp FAIL
LOCALDIR\\9479F24040Other.bmp FAIL
LOCALDIR\\Textures 4Bit\\9479F24040Other.bmp SUCCESS


Fog in RayTracing doesnt work...

Setting environmental properties dialoge fog to any value will result in a crisp fogless image unless using scanline.

There is no workaround that I can see.


General Anim8or Forum / Re: Need help
« on: October 01, 2015, 04:58:13 pm »
Id like to add that by Object here I am pretty sure he means Objects held in the object menu and not seperate 'Meshes' Within an object.
Sometimes it can be confusing and a mesh can quite correctly be concieved as a seperate object, but in the terms of this modeling it is not.

I have of course just realised what is going on here and infact have already done this approach with guns in GoldenEye.


General Anim8or Forum / Re: Two questions about the F8ce plugin.
« on: September 19, 2015, 02:46:25 pm »
Just as a matter of interest, Could someone breifly list what is better in Blender to an8?
Ive seen and slightly used (someone elses computer) Blender, however I came straight back to an8 because it was familular and from what Id seen, just as powerfull.
eg, moving points in 3d space were similar, subdivisions worked similarly, boolean functions has an an8 script of which the concept works well.

I suppose if someone is wanting an automated modeling process then an8 is not for you since it requires manually making a model, but then at that point your specialising.

The only thing I later realised was better in rendering (because a similar technique was used in another program I used) was the use of lo-resolution > Higher resolution building of the final image.
The difference in techniques between blender and Compusoft Winner however is that blender uses a black screen and renderes single pixles while winner renders large pixles then fills the image with ever finer pixles untill finished meaning there are no black holes and you can stop at any point. (Think about Interlaced images in 90's on the web)

An8 would definatly benifit from this second technique of dividing rendered pixles rather than starting from the bottom and working slowly up.

Does Blender do Global Illumination (not just Ambient Occlusion, the full Diffuse Inter-reflection)?


Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / Re: Feature Request Thread
« on: September 08, 2015, 09:19:44 am »
Seldon, Actualy if Im not mistaken,
Black(0) = -(Max/2) 128 = 0 displacement White(255) = (Max/2)

It works either way I suppose but that is normally the way.

Have you tried Terrainim8or?

Last I tried it did heightmaps.

Maybe it doesnt exist anymore?

There is one program I tried and its quite good (well, Im missing a lot, if you knew what you were doing its very powerfull). Its Large 3D Terrain (L3DT).
It has a wounderfull dynamic subdivision process where triangles will get smaller, more detailed in high frequency areas, while producing large undetailed tris in open areas.

You can also set Tri-Limits and it will process the mesh again with the dynamic subdivision untill it reaches the tri-count.


General Anim8or Forum / Re: Anim8or on Touchscreen Computer
« on: August 30, 2015, 10:09:29 am »
Agreed, This was one reason I was put off by Win8.

During Win10 Development and the new Insider Program, I imediatly signed up and mady my concerns noted.
Thats why 10 has in 'some' ways made it optional. Although For a Company as large and long standing as MS its surprising they cant get it right. That said, You physically cannot please everyone, but this is where Windows Customisable and more-than-one-way comes into play. However over recent times MS has culled both these aspects. As insiders reported more and more, they are slowly brining this back.

The most esilly noticable transformation is switching to tablet mode from the Notification Bar.
The Start Menu Turns into the Start Screen and buttons in Apps/Applications are 'supposed' to get bigger.

So yes, if this were to be an option, then an option would be much better than forced.
I like the idea of a second screen hehe.

Just to add a little with regard to my experience with An8 and touch, I was able to press the buttons fine on a 17" 4:3 1280x1024 Elo Com Port Touchscreen.

With my phone its a different matter (via VNC Remote Desktop), the main drawback here is the draw time lag and noit the interface, however soley focusing on interface, with the Pinch-Zoom being used for screen-zoom, I could enlarge the buttons to press them, however, this would take away from being able to do that in-model... Wait... it wouldnt, you can seperate the command into Pinch-zoom.GUI and Pinch-zoom.Workspace
Although, to be hones, at that point its probably better to just have bigger buttons that can maybe hide.


Ah, well, Its a modual for being inserted into a game map.
Also, Polycounts are importiant even though they may be culled, so surfaces that i regard as being underground or something will not be filled, Same for surfaces that intersect other surfaces (like the partition in the Type22 Pillbox, it has no top nor bottom faces as these would waist ram (not by much I know, but hey, every little counts on the N64)

Thanks for looking into it though, its really neat to render with the high quality rendering from An8, then replicate it on a vertex level (to a limited degree) for importing into GoldenEye. (youl notice I cut the shadow lines on the holes and also added the bright spots on the floor. Other effects I do later with the ability to shade per-vertex (an8 really needs this too))


General Anim8or Forum / Re: Anim8or on Touchscreen Computer
« on: August 26, 2015, 11:28:17 am »
Well, on my phone and back when my Ello Touchscreen worked (Backlight died) LMB-Click was touch. LMB-Drag is Touch-Hold-Drag, RMB-Click was Touch-Hold.

So, the only things not doable are MMB and RMB-Drag.

With Multi-Touch interfaces (Win7+ and Phones) you could maybe do something with multiple touches or guestures and touch.

However, as RMB-Drag is usually zoom Z axis, this can be pinch-zoom.
Actually, you could still use the pinch for the Add-Selection Box, that could work, although people might want it to always zoom.

This leaves MMB as something totally un-usable in a touch interface.

Touch would need a bit of thought as it tends to be the opposit to mouse in regard to touch default spinning and zooming a model, vs mouse default selecting things.


Hi steve,
Ill attach the same model I showed with the scene already set up.
I still beleve its some sort of overflow maybe since some corners do darken, but then when the surface is dark it suddenly turns white in the corners...

I was also messing about with trying to do some HDR compression for the inside, but failed since even though Ambient Oclustion was on, if the Ambient componant was turned up, it would not change the occlusion 'particles' but it would add a uniform brightness to the model wich was unwanted.
Heh, I guess we will have to wait till you someday add HDR tools.

A new thing, well, maybe not so new, but just thought Id mention, is that in RayTracing mode, the Camera Near Clip Plane is not correct.
The green line representing the frustrum only represents scanline, When in RayTracing mode, the clip seems to be at camera 0,0,0.
On a related note, the Z Limits menu does not effect the camera... I think it should.


Got another suggestion, Current mouse co-ordinate in the bottom tray.

I was using the knife tool and even with CAD mode on there is no indication of where Im cutting.


Just a reminder that Ambient Occluder is still acting oddly on internal surfaces

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Anim8or on Windows 10
« on: August 22, 2015, 10:59:16 am »
Ive been using 10 on a machine since Jan but also did an upgrade on a clients machine a couple of weeks ago.
I found no issues, however started seing scare stories on the net and feedback so I held off on someone elses laptop.

Are the scare stories being overcome? was it just anxious people and unsubstanciated claims?

I did have one glitch, the ATI Radeon HD 3200 driver stopped working a week ago on one machine. I left feedback and noticed quite a number of similar problems.
I did a windows refresh (Because I broke the registry trying to force windows to use the correct driver which apparently was loaded, just not used) and now everything is working correctly again. Ive yet to leave feedback on that.

Im just woundering if the general opinion has shifted in favour of 10?

By the way, MS finally realised their mistake with coloured titlebars (Why the hell did they ever remove customisation, its been part of windows since 1980's) and have allowed it again in build 10520 (Yet to test)
They made some excuse that some websites have colour schemes that clash with glass and or coloured titlebars.


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