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  After modeling the mesh I want to apply the bones to it in figure mode. So I add one bone to the root, assign the mesh to that bone and build the skeleton following the mesh.
   Well, everything goes OK until I start to paint weights so the bones influence different parts of body, colour of the bone to which I imported the mesh repeats and makes it impossible to paint those parts of the mesh.
 Is there any way to change the colour of the bone/s?

Very good, interesting animation

Can anybody please tell me how to put back 'Parameters' pop-up window to the left upper part of the workspace like it was in version 1222 and older?
 Now I often have to move it aside and up because it covers the object or it's too long and partially below the screen

Thanks mr.Steve for the figure, it's very interesting to explore the script. It was quite a shock when I saw those bones linked to a target because that was the next question that I thought to ask relating to 'eye rotating' issue. I don't want to be rude but scene mode in Anim8or would be greatly improved if that script could be implemented and used on gui in some next development built, so the bone/s could be controlled with the target directly- the same way as the object,camera or light can.
 Meanwhile, I'll try to replicate and modify the script :), it's interesting that the target cannot be manually rotated and changing its position or size doesn't affect the object, it only 'responds' to manual key change ???


Thanks. I forgot to try search button first ???

I hope this is the right topic to post this question.
 Can anybody tell me how to link two bones together, so when I rotate one bone so does the other automatically? I need that for the eyes of the object.

kreator: Thank you very much, hiding the trackball works great- I didn't know that option.
Locking the bones only locks the selected bone towards the parent bone, I was wondering is there any way to lock some bone towards the workspace?

If the project is saved and reopened it also makes difference, gets a bit faster.

Is it possible to hide those 3 (red,blue and green) rings that appear while rotating bones, so it would be possible to use fast selection without accidentally making unwanted movements of some bones?
Can some bones be locked on their positions in space (x,y,z)?- so if we move the whole skeleton few millimeters those bones and its attached parts of the body remain in their locked position in the world while the rest of the body stretches=morphs.

thanks in advance.

I guess that the speed of the workspace and render depends on many different factors, and it is obvious that different computers give various effects. If I knock down the polygons on the hands, eyes and head then it wont look smooth and that's not acceptable. Slowed down wireframe mode is the thing that is very strange, it shouldn't be so slow, but I guess that here is the main issue weak integrated graphics card.

 thanks for the idea, interesting- I just changed subdivided head to mesh which gives 30Fps at preview in scene and no lag at all. Scene mode 'likes' meshes :)
 update- render time for camera view is almost twice faster when all the subdivisions are converted to meshes

trevor- on my computer(i3 CPU, integrated graphics) it plays in sequence at 30Fps, in scene 16Fps. I've tried to open it with few older versions of anim8or and the results are similar.
The only thing that speeds up the play preview a bit is to hit the wireframe mode button, if everything is hidden except bones then it goes at full speed. It's interesting that moving thru the scene with time slider allows much faster preview

steve: here is the missing file, I didn't use it for the texturing nor the file that you already found, file 'texture0' is missing but it's the same as 'untitled 2'.

that was a cunning way to find the picture   ???, I'll upload all the included pictures in few hours because I'm not at home near the working comp.

Steve, only those two pictures within the zipped file were used on the body. One of the missing pictures is about 600kb, and others are about 15kb.

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