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Finished Works and Works in Progress / Fantasy Medieval - Asesino
« on: February 05, 2009, 02:22:55 am »
i i try to post here all steps..
1.- Make a concept..
I draw a simply model.. scencial..

2.- Making a blueprint..
I start Draw and Paint....

i Finish my texture base and bluprint..

3.- Now i Start make a basic Model..
Basic Model Ready.. i modeled in anim8or..

Classic Render..

Next Step.. Rigg

Ok.. Rigged...
Here you have somes poses...

Next Steps..
- Idle
- Run
- Attack
- Die

Next Step Upload
Upload ready...

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Fantasy Medieval- Caballero
« on: February 05, 2009, 02:22:11 am »

Hi.. i'm vacation and i take time to model a litle mesh..
is a classic medieval character.. i hope you like.. i upload when  finish animation and riggs.

(Sorry my bad english)
Any body pay for models like that..??? mmm i don`t think..

Pose renders screens..


thanks... here are the polycount and de whireframe..

Hi this is the final model.. rigged in milkshape..
An8 (Anim8or)
Ms3D Milkshape rigged
Now You can download... I post here the original file.. my host is down.... (dam...!)


Oooººººld model 3 years ago...

you can download from:
descarga - download

Hi.. i redesign my old 3dWeb you can use to make presentations like powerpoint (but in 3D).. i need suggestion
Sorry the size of this movies (old PC)

Shots in real size..

You can test here


All models are modeled and textured in anim8or
Hi (sorry for my bad inglish), i prepare a litle game in 3D, like old Archos Chess Engine.. the prototipe work fine (I need add more AI) you can add tour own models, edit any level and part of the game.. the entire game is a Big Template you can change all media an d add moore,
the play sistem:
a.- 1. Choose 3 cards (your monsters)
a.- 2. Pc Choose 3 Cards

Now you can play Like a Chess. Try to convert all table, any model mov in diferent mode or distance (you can change that)
 When 2 piezes are in one block, the fight start and only the winner can use this block..
here are somes images they are still in progress, i not finish the design, background and other important elements, i need you comments...
here are the basis 2d - (in game i use png formats)

Here are in simple play mode.,

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Big cat + Cat Woman and Scene
« on: December 06, 2008, 04:17:24 am »
Hi i make this model for a compo..
I make them and texture in anim8or
you can download from :
Is free and not need register

Finished Works and Works in Progress / WIP KNIGHT for Gamers
« on: November 29, 2008, 04:09:35 am »
This is a Work in progress model.. is for use in a rts engine, is very low poly.. the texture need detailed (512x512) and i make basic animations in Direct x..

Modeled in anim8or
anu sugestions..

I very happy, i win the compo in 3DChat in Darkbasic site.. i use only anim8or to model and texture the characters and scene to.....
here is the post..

Hi guis this is an hipotetic encounter...
This scene is live in Chiloe Island..

This is the scene i make in anim8or.

Finished Works and Works in Progress / CaiCaiVilu. Tsunamy snake,, (evil)
« on: October 24, 2008, 07:05:53 pm »
This is the evil snake. Nemessis of Ten ten Vilú..

I need work in textures..

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Ten-Ten-Vilu, Giant Snake..
« on: October 19, 2008, 09:48:04 pm »
Ten-Ten-Vilu, Giant Snake..
Modeled and textured in ANIM8OR..
You like..??

BabelFish: "Many thousands ago of years, the zone of Chiloé was mainland, but it appeared Caicavilu, serpent of the evil, enemy of the terrestrial life, animal and vegetable, that wishes to incorporate to its marine dominions; thus I flood all the territory; threatening to turn it into a sea. When this happened, it appeared Tentenvilú or the serpent of the good, goddess of the Earth and the fecundity, and generally of everything what in her it grows. Kind spirit, who protects his dominions of the invasions of the sea. This I help chilotes to climb to the hills and to which they were catched equipped with the power of the birds and fish to them, so that they did not perish drowned. But it was not enough; Caicavilú, continued elevating the level of the sea, then Tentenvilú began to elevate the level of the hills that excelled of the sea. The fight followed by many years until the triumph of Tentenvilú, giving by result that the valleys were buried under the sea and hills turned into beautiful islands. "

"Hace muchos miles de años, la zona de Chiloé era tierra firme, pero apareció Caicavilu, serpiente del mal, enemiga de la vida terrestre, animal y vegetal, que desea incorporar a sus dominios marinos; así inundo todo el territorio; amenazando convertirlo en un mar. Cuando esto ocurría, apareció Tentenvilú o la serpiente del bien, diosa de la tierra y la fecundidad, y en general de todo lo que en ella crece. Espíritu bondadoso, que protege sus dominios de las invasiones del mar.                                                                           
     Esta ayudo a los chilotes a trepar a los cerros y a los que fueron atrapados los dotó del poder de las aves y peces, para que no perecieran ahogados. Pero no bastó; Caicavilú, siguió elevando el nivel del mar, entonces Tentenvilú empezó a elevar el nivel de los cerros que sobresalían del mar.   La lucha siguió por muchos años hasta el triunfo de Tentenvilú, dando por resultado que los valles quedaron sepultados bajo el mar y los cerros convertidos en bellas islas. "

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Greek Mtyh - GRYPHO
« on: October 09, 2008, 08:33:19 pm »
Greek Myth

You can download from:

Grek Mythologic creature.
An8, 3ds, Obj, X, Ms3d + skeleton

The faucet is an animal whose head has tip of eagle, body of lion and powerful wings. The first textual reference to this animal is in Aeschylus, that in his tragedy chained Prometheus (803, foll.) it puts in mouth of Prometheus the following words: “Guárdate of the faucets, dogs of Zeus without bark, powerful teeth…” For Heródoto (III, 116; IV, 13; IV, 27), the faucets are jealous guardians of gold, faced the arimaspos constantly (men with a single eye seeking of that precious metal). With that function, also Pausanias talks about to them (I, 24, 6), describes that them like “fierce with wings and tip of eagle” (ibidem). Heródoto introduces in addition the iconography and symbolism to the faucet in the arts. Speech of statues of esfinges and faucets in the palace that Escilas, king of escitas, had in the city of the boristenitas (IV, 79). Esfinge always has been clear like protective animal, which would mean that esfinges and together faucets would symbolize the protection and guards of a property. More ahead (IV, 152), Heródoto tells us that, after their return of Tartessos, the samios forged a bronze container to ofrendar it to Hera in their temple of Argus. A container in which, according to Heródoto, “around her there are heads of faucets prepared in row”.
Babel Fish Translator.
MilkShape Animation

General Anim8or Forum / Old Drakonian model for download
« on: September 14, 2008, 09:34:46 pm »

Drak, is a Draconian model in a human size. Inspired in Dungeons&Dragons.
An8, 3ds, Obj, x, Ms3d+skeleton

"In each civilization the figure of the dragoon plays an important role like God, guardian, and in some cases like demon, but all these mythological senses agree in which it is a powerful being and respectable, in some civilizations is also recognized to own great wisdom. The dragoons often happen to have a greater spiritual meaning in several religions and cultures of the world. The one that as much western cultures as Eastern has imagined reptiles giant and winged it is possible to be attributed in contact with gaviales, crocodiles and caymans; to the fossil finding of dinosaurios mixed with others of pterosaurios flying animal as [mentions required] and to the association of lizards and reptiles with the masculine sexuality. Some affirm that the dragoons really existed being based on which in each culture it speaks of these creatures from long before which they had communication to each other, do not leave it to the chance, despite the fact that they exist fossil of dinosaurios anywhere in the world can be a trustworthy explanation to understand that phenomenon."
Information from:

Finished Works and Works in Progress / My New Fantasy Character
« on: September 02, 2008, 08:57:39 am »
This is a character for darkbasic contest, is a game ready model, i use 2 plugs.. spiral and new chain srcipt...

here is the post:

Hi. i contest whit a simple low poligon model i made and animated in anim8or fo darkbasic contest..
Nobody belive in anim8or... and i recive post like that..
This is the entry:
"Wire Shot..



hi this is my entry..
Modeled and textured in Anim8or
Texture made in Xara
590 Kbt.
Low Poligon Model.
Formats: X,3DS,Obj,Md2,Mdl
Animated: yes
 Stand Frames: 0-45
 Fly :46-70
 Drop Modules: 71-100
 Destroy: 131-200"

If you like vote for my  ::)

ha ha is a joke... or not???

But the idea is.. in anim8or you can do any proyect...

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