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General Anim8or Forum / Team
« on: June 02, 2012, 09:09:08 pm »

It has been a long time, but it's once more time for me to try and start an art team up again. A very select few know what I'm talking about, so here's what it's about and the stages we'd be going through.

To become proficient at working together to create assets (video game art and cinematic art) for clients.

1. Form the team
2. Get the roles straightened out.
3. Build a portfolio and demo reel.
4. Make assets for an existing project for free, as more portfolio filler and experience.
5. Move on and advertise our services for hire.

Job Requirements
1. Communication skills: be able to maintain communications using the team collaboration website, email, and/or chat applications without disappearing unexplained for long intervals.
2. Team skills: basically, be a team player.
3. Be able to model, texture, rig, animate, and render according to set specifications. You won't be specializing in any one skillset, though you will be allowed to specialize in what subject of art you prefer to work with (organic, mechanical, etc), so long as you branch out a little when needed. Expect to have to learn new things and re-do stuff that's not up to standards.
4. Be open to using new software when needed. So long as you have a license for it, however, you will usually be able to work in whatever program you're familiar with for common tasks.

I had done some freelance work in the past. I had managed teams like this in the past. I feel qualified to once again manage an art-based team. This is not intended as a full-time job, or even as a way to pay any bills. The natural path of any team like this is to become good enough to have our services rendered for hire. In fact, this is mostly a for-fun kind of thing for hobbyists or semi-pros to do, to brush up on their skills and enjoy the feeling of completing something useful with other people. There will be tasks, deadlines, etc, but until we actually start performing services for someone else, it'll be at a relaxed pace to allow for the team members to deal with real-life without stressing out over the team activities.

If you think you have the skills, feel free to message me. If you have questions, post here. Otherwise I'll be inviting those that I think have the skills (and cahones) for it ;)

General Anim8or Forum / Help! I Can't Register!
« on: April 26, 2012, 07:38:48 pm »
You are a guest wanting in on the delicious Anim8or community experience. But lo' and behold, you can't register!

"Sorry, registration is currently disabled."

.   .   .   .   .


Yes, I know you are angry and confused. No, you won't accomplish anything by smashing your monitor. But there is a solution!

If you want to register, email Steven Glanville and wait for a response. If the cobwebs start showing in your inbox, then send me an email and I'll see what I can do.

That's it!

ASL Scripts / LIA - Links In Anim8or
« on: April 16, 2012, 01:43:32 am »
LIA - Links In Anim8or

Ok, this is something I picked up over the weekend to give my brain something to do other than schoolwork. LIA is a pseudo hierarchy toolset that is meant to be used internally by other scripts. The user uses the tools to set parents, children, and dummy objects in hierarchical form while in the object editor. This is a means of standardization so that more than one person can write a script that manipulates the data automatically based on the LIA hierarchy system.

Toolset Developed So Far:
Make Parent: User selects the children first, activates the script, and selects the parent. All children become properly linked to the parent.
Unlink Selected: Removes all LIA formatting from the selected shape(s), and resets any dependent children of those shapes.
Unlink All: Removes all LIA formatting from all shapes in the object.
Toggle Dummy: Adds or removes Dummy marker for the selected shapes
List Hierarchy: Writes out the hierarchy in the debug output window.

LIA Format:

ID#: Unique three digit ID number ranging from 000 to 999. Generated automatically based on available ID#s.
Parent#: Points to the ID# of the parent of that shape. 000 means no parent
Dummy: 0 means it's not a dummy shape. 1 means it is a dummy shape
Name: The given name/handler of the shape as defined by the user

I don't really expect anyone will use LIA but me (who else does any programming with ASL in the object editor? :P), but I'm putting this up for documentation purposes anyway, and to toot my own horn since it'd be boring otherwise ;). The scripts mentioned in the toolset are all completely finished except for a few bugs I have to hammer out. I'll publish the scripts once I make the XSI exporter script compatible with the LIA system and everything's working.

ASL Scripts / .STL Export Script
« on: March 14, 2012, 09:20:51 pm »
I needed a change of pace, so I figured I'd make some scripts that would help me with 3D printing. The primary format used by the slicers use the .STL format which is one of the most basic possible (I'm surprised no one's made an export script just because it's so simple). So I hacked it together using Steve's .obj script and Tyson's .d3d script as its foundation.

I totally eliminated a program out of my work pipeline by doing this. More efficient!


General Anim8or Forum / Free offer to print your model!
« on: March 06, 2012, 08:02:29 pm »
Ok! 3D Printer Status update: Calibrated!

Yeah, three months later, I finally have the machine in the state that I want it.

What happened was that in January I had gone through four different firmwares and none gave me stable results. Frustrated, I took a break and focused on school and other projects. Spring Break arrived and now I found out that one of the firmware (Marlin) has gone through a lot of improvements, and the slicer that turns the 3D models into g-code is near perfect, so now I can finally make prints with up layer heights of 0.2 mm! It took a few days to finish calibrating it, and there are a few minor issues, but I have a feeling the problems will smooth over almost by themselves.

With that said, I've got a bit of excess PLA stock left over before I change to ABS, and I wish to offer a gift to the community: I'll print one of your models! I'm willing to do one print each, my offer stands until Friday the 6th of this month. I'm only going to print a maximum of 5 prints from this community. So it's first come first serve!

Some guidelines:

1. It must be completely manifold (no open edges)
2. Stick to the 45 degree rule. If the angle is greater than 45 degrees from the horizontal, it's good for printing. However, if it's less and therefore has too much overhang, there will be a lot more issues evident in the print. Bridging is possible, but limited (for example, if you wanted a bridge printed, the "bridge" part will be the overhang between two pillars, and printing "in air" is possible depending on the distance between the two pillars).
3. If you have a complicated model, it can be split up into smaller pieces for printing, then attached together (I can attach it for you or you can attach it yourself)
4. Naturally I need your mailing address. As far as I care, I'll ship anywhere international or not.

The scale of your print will be determined by me based on your model, but if it needs to be an exact size then know that the printer can't print anything bigger than 190mmx170mmx110mm. I'll give you advice on your model if you have questions or issues with it. I'd like this to be a "public" venture, so please submit your models in this topic so that I can post the progress. If you don't want your models out in the open where anyone can grab them, post a render of it and email me the actual raw model. .obj or .an8 preferred, untriangulated (for easier editing).

I'd offer to airbrush details onto it myself, but I'm not exactly a pro at that yet ;) The most I'll offer is to airbrush one color in gradients to "complement" the details and make it look nice. As you can see by the picture below, it prints out to a nice shiny near-transparent quality which, when painted in minimal color, looks spectacular. Otherwise if you want full color detailing, I recommend plastering over it, sanding it, then painting on the details with acrylic paint and then add a gloss or matte finish to preserve it.

(Janro, Headwax, and ENSONIQ5, I haven't forgotten you guys--give me something to print for you as an extra to compensate for my tardiness!)
[edit above--I meant Janro!]

Available Prints Left: 0

Queue List:
  • $imon - [Prep Phase]
  • cooldude234 - [Prep Phase]
  • siragin - [Prep Phase]
  • Janro - [Prep Phase]
  • Maximilianibus - [Prep Phase]
  • 3Dgeek11 - [Prep Phase]

Anim8or Challenges / [ COMPLETE ] Challenge #29: GIANT ROBOTS!!!
« on: February 11, 2012, 02:23:39 am »
Challenge #29:GIANT ROBOTS!!!


Deadline: June 24th, 2012

This challenge will have a public poll. Vote for the best 30 second or less animation (youtube or similar)

Before you ask...
  • Use Anim8or for at least half of your work
  • Try making everything from scratch
  • Animate and render in software of your choice

Experiment a little and enjoy the challenge!

General Anim8or Forum / Raxx's Vacuum Forming Project
« on: January 14, 2012, 12:38:02 am »
Chronicles of a Vacuum Forming Machine
Raxx's Special Model

Woah woah woah!?!
Yeah, that's right. Another DIY project by yours truly. What happened to the 3D printer? Well, it's complete but I have to take a break from it to get this done! Generally speaking this is not fully a 3D project. In fact, there is hardly any 3D CG involved whatsoever. However, I wanted to put it here because it involves making art functional in the form of cosplay and such, and may inspire some of you guys to do it yourself as well.

The Machine
The last decade or so, vacuum forming machines have become more and more popular amongst costumers/cosplayers thanks to its capacity to make plastic forms using molds. The vacuum former melts sheets of plastic and casts it over molds using suction to make the plastic fit very tight over the details before it cools and hardens. Common usage of this machine is seen in movie props, concert props, costumes, etc. It is extremely handy since there is a large surface area available (my machine will be able to form up to 20"x20" pieces), and depending on the mold, you can make many casts over and over of the same object. It's often used to make armor for characters like the Stormtrooper in Star Wars.

There are many different variations in size and design of the vacuum forming machine. However, like with 3D printers, you can't find a good one that prints a decent amount of volume anywhere for less than $2,000.

The $$$
Yes, this is yet another set of costs to add to my DIY bill :P Cost-wise, it should be around $400-$500 to build. My model will be a middle-range, low-maintenance all-in-one machine. You can build a vacuum former for less than $100 if you use just your oven and an old shop-vac lying around, but you know me...gotta go all out.

The Project

Like with the 3D printer project, I have a project that I wish to complete using the vacuum forming machine as the primary tool. This time, however, I have until May 25th to finish it, so I have five months to work on this project. This forum topic will cover the building of the actual vacuum forming machine very lightly, with only a bill of materials and maybe a few videos of it in action. The primary focus is the entire project itself.

I mentioned cosplay before. Conventions are a great way to just let go of yourself and be someone else with other people who do the same. I participate in anime conventions, primarily Animazement in Raleigh, NC. It'll be my third time going to this convention, so I wanted to start getting serious about my outfits and set myself a world apart from the casual cosplayer that does the same stuff over and over.

3D printing introduced me to a bit of hobbyist/prototyper technology that I think could be used to make some really nice costumes.

For my project, I want to build the costume of a redesigned Megaman series' character or boss with a full suit of armor (or a similar type of futuristic armored/mecha character). You may ask, "so what?", since there has no doubt been quite a lot of those around already. The thing is, I intend to also implement a robotic voice changer with speakers in my helmet, and implement LED lights in my suit of armor and weapon, to run in programmed patterns using an Arduino chip, based on how I trigger them. If I can get it figured out in time, I'd even make the LEDs in my helmet resonate with my voice. If possible, I'd like to make the suit somewhat modular so that it's easier to put on and off.

What the project entails
A lot of time will be spent working on the design and making the molds, before I even do any casting. A lot of planning and conceptual design must be done on paper first so that I can piece together functional armor with functional electronics inside, while being cool-looking at the same time. Some parts will undoubtedly require the services of my 3D printer. There will be a bunch of trimming, painting, sculpting, carving, wiring, etc.

Major Obstacles
Asides from school, not much. I'm merely limited by my genius, which is to say I'm not limited at all ;)

So that's it for now! I'll post my progress as it gets done (the machine should be completed this weekend), feel free to share your opinions or ideas.

General Anim8or Forum / Raxx's 3D Printer Project
« on: December 05, 2011, 09:46:09 pm »

Chronicles of a Replicating Rapid Prototyper
Mendel Prusa Model

Say wha...?
For the longest time now I've been wanting to own a 3D printer. Imagine all the cool things you could do with it! You could make parts for robotics, action figures, toys, miniatures, rapid prototyping of inventions, props, or even parts to fix household items. For me, the biggest attraction is to finally be able to make real-life versions of some of my organic models. And who wouldn't want the Anim8or Robin sitting on their computer desk?

This forum topic is being updated to document my 3D printer project should any of you have an interest in this kind of thing.

The Printer
Here enters RepRap. A Replicating Rapid Prototyper qualifies as such if it's capable of making parts to make another 3D printer (self replicating). Naturally, however, since today's RepRap machines can only print using plastic filament as its material, there are a lot of components that have to be bought, or fabricated using different technology. However, the idea is there and there are people working to make it more and more RepRap-Worthy.

I won't bore you with the history of it all. Just visit Wikipedia and for more info.

It's a DIY project that involves printed parts, hardware you can find at hardware stores, and some electronics commonly used in robotics and prototyping. The resolution is probably around 0.5mm in terms of detail, which isn't quite as high res as what the expensive printers can print, but any resulting lumpiness on contours can be fixed with a little bit of sanding, puttying, priming, and/or painting.

So you'd think making this would cost a lot less, right? Well, yes. However, it's still expensive. I'll be detailing the entire costs of my project further down, though this cost will not reflect most other DIY'er as there are a lot of extras and variations in the mix.

The $$$
Like I said, it's expensive. If it would have costed only $500 to build, I'd have been all over it yester-year. If it costed $800 and came pre-assembled, I'd have been a bit more keen to get it; but even if it were, these things are typically made by do-it-yourself'ers, and you don't know where the parts came from or what to look for if something's not right.

My only option was to build it myself. However, it'd still cost me upwards around $700 just for the components, never mind all the new tools (toys) I'd have to buy and learn how to use. A new soldering station, precision tool set, calipers, airbrush system, etc. All things I've never used before, except a soldering tool when I made a few xbox controller mods and did some laptop repair.

Then you need the space to build it all. Guess what? In two weeks I'm moving to a small apartment lacking that important trait :-\

The Motivation
So what pushed me to finally make the dive? Well, first there was and other 3D printing services. I've been toying with the idea for a few years now to print some components to make some nice Christmas gifts. However, when I decided to give it a go this year, I discovered that it'd cost about $140-$200 per gift that I wanted to print components for, had I used That's crazy!

So I backtracked to the RepRap phenomenon I had discovered a few months back. Since I already decided to make the gifts I wanted to make, and I also had an anime convention (don't judge me, I have my small comforts) coming up that would be cool to make props for using a 3D printer.

Seeing that there was a large following behind the project, plenty of documentation, and a ton of recent activity and development behind it, I decided that now was the best time to get involved. Hence, this project.

The Project

The ultimate goal of this project is to create five functional, dynamic (has moving parts) music boxes, each customized to a member of my immediate family and fully painted, all before Christmas! Therefore this project encompasses more than just a 3D printer, and will entail lots of late night rushes to get things done.

The project can be split into these categories:
1. Planning and Purchase of Supplies (90% complete)
2. Building and calibrating the 3D Printer (0% complete)
3. Designing and modeling the music boxes (0% complete)
4. Successfully printing the components (0% complete)
5. Airbrushing on details (0% complete)
6. Assembling the music boxes (0% complete)
7. Gift-wrapping and go! (0% complete)

Major obstacles:
1. Never worked on electrical voodoo like this before
2. Never used a real-life airbrush system
3. Have final exams this week and next week
4. Moving to an apartment the week before Christmas

The obstacles will be mitigated by my genius, naturally ;)

Anim8or Challenges / [ COMPLETE ] Challenge #28: Greek!?!
« on: October 27, 2011, 07:16:01 pm »
Challenge #28: Greek!?!

Woof (x3)

Test out all of your skills! Present any mythical Greek creature or god in its mythical environment as a single still image.

Deadline: January 9th 2012

This challenge will have a public poll. Vote for the best still render

Before you ask...
  • Use Anim8or for at least half of your work
  • Try making everything from scratch
  • You can only render it using free software! If it is listed on their website with a price tag, that means it's not free.
  • Here's a good list of Greek Gods and Creatures:
  • Post-production is allowed, using any software--limit to just compositing renders, touch-ups, and adjusting values

So this time around I've restated some of the usual rules, and put in two new restrictions -- free renderer only and a limit on post-production.

Experiment a little and enjoy the challenge!

Anim8or Challenges / [ COMPLETE ] Challenge #27: War Machine
« on: August 01, 2011, 03:03:55 am »
Challenge #27: War Machine


What's a war machine? What can be a war machine?

Deadline: October 1st, 2011

This challenge will have a public poll. Vote for the best 10-second turntable video

Before you ask...
  • Example Turntable
  • Turntable platform/environment is up to you
  • War machine can be animated while turning, but is not required
  • Youtube or Vimeo please!!! And post a still shot too!
  • Concerned about render times? Then keep the platform/environment simple! The main focus is the War Machine!

Just Have fun!

davdud101 -


headwax -
$imon -

General Anim8or Forum / Anim8or Chat
« on: July 19, 2011, 02:48:23 am »
Hey guys,

We have a chat room officially endorsed by this website.

Reasons to have an active chat room:
  • Bring the community together more
  • Quick help for those who need it
  • Fun projects and interaction

I know, I know. IRC is either old or obscure to most 'net users here. Fortunately there is a web-based chat room available. I'm going to try to stay logged in for as many hours as possible to help make the chat room float again, feel free to join!

Doesn't matter if you just stay idle most of the time. Good conversations can sprout!

Channel: #anim8or
Browser-Based Chat Room

General Anim8or Forum / Anim8or Collab - "Don't Forget"
« on: February 01, 2011, 03:05:32 am »
Don't Forget
A tribute to Anim8or and its Community

This is a collaboration from all the members of the community that wanted to do something memorable. The first step is to see who's involved in this. At least 10 contributors are needed for us to pull it off successfully, so I hope you're interested! Just reply to this post if you wish to be involved.

The Idea
Basically it'd play the Don't Forget song by Demi Lovato. Kind of a sentimental animated montage thing from the users here.

Granted there aren't a whole lot of us anymore, but I know there're a lot of lurkers that still log in and browse around.

Assuming we have at least 10 people:

1. The contributor makes their own avatar of themselves in the form of a person, creature, robot, whatever entity they think best represents themselves, and has them dance, stand, play around, do whatever within a certain timeframe. Maybe each contributor should have the robin in there in some shape or form.
2. Each contributor makes a 10 second clip and a 2 second clip.
3. Each contributor's clip is played one after the other in sequence. The 10 second clips are played first, then some sort of tribute to Anim8or is done in a title screen, and then the 2 second clips are played afterwards. Each 10 second clip has their username and real-life photo that fade in and out along the bottom.
4. The positioning and fading of the names and photos will be done via post processing, so the contributor doesn't have to worry about that part of it (aside from providing the photo).
5. The scene can have whatever environment the contributor wants. Whether it interacts with their avatar or is static or even nonexistant.
6. Each contributor renders their own clip. To keep it all consistent, the settings will be predetermined. More than likely 1280x720, bicubic AA, and H.264/MPEG-4 codec with very low compression. Then each contributor can upload it to one of my websites and I'll combine them all together, add the names and photos, transitions, title screens, etc, and upload it to Youtube and Vimeo.
7. Anim8or will be the only program used for modeling, animation, and rendering, since this is a tribute to Anim8or. Yeah it's a pain to the guys who found other software to make it easier in certain areas, but that's what'll make it special.
8. Use whatever you want. Add stuff you've already made or make all-new stuff. It's your clip and yours alone.

NOTE: Depending on the number of contributors that sign up, the actual length of the clips will be determined.

This is the song that would be playing during the duration of the animation:

Video Settings
Resolution: 1280x720
Framerate: 30
Encoding: H.264/MPEG-4 (high bitrate/settings)
Format: AVI

Encoding Your Video

Download and Install:
XVid 1.3.1
Virtualdub Install only the 32-bit one!

For Image Sequences:
Open VirtualDub
Go to File->Open Video File...
Navigate to the folder containing your images rendered from Anim8or
Select the first one and select Open
All the images in that sequence should now have been imported
Go to File->Save as AVI...
Save the AVI file into a separate folder uncompressed
Continue on to your next Image Sequence and repeat the steps above
After all your image sequences have been saved, continue with the steps below.

For Video Files:
Open VirtualDub
Go to File->Open Video File...
Navigate to the folder containing your first video file
Select the video file and press Open to load it into the program

If you have more than one video clip you need to put together:
Go to File->Append AVI Segment
Select the next video file that needs to be added to the end of your project.
Keep performing that step until all your clips are imported.

To Encode It To H.264:
Install the XVid codec if you haven't already.
In Virtualdub with your project Open, go to Video->Compression...
In the list of codecs, select "Xvid MPEG-4 Codec" and press Configure
Set "Profile @ Level" to Highdef
Click on "Target Quantizer" (if "Target Bitrate" isn't there"), and set it to the highest bitrate (9708 kbps)
Click on the "more..." button next to Quality Preset.
In the options that come up, set Motion search precision to "6 - Ultra High" and VHQ mode to "4 - Wide Search"
Leave all the other settings as they were and OK out until you're back in Virtualdub
Go to File->Save as AVI and save it as an avi file
A progress window will pop up as it's processing the video.

And that's it! If you see any major blurring or artifacts, then chances are you'd have to tweak the settings a bit. Don't reduce the bitrate or quality settings if possible though!


Anyone else?

General Anim8or Forum / Future of Anim8or
« on: January 30, 2011, 04:08:55 am »
Alright folks,

[edit]Got an update from Steve, refer to this post:

I'd make a new community website like I had in the past if I thought it'd do any good, but I feel everyone should (if they haven't already), look for other forums and communities to dedicate themselves to. There's always or, which probably wouldn't mind getting a few new users. Or go with the big boys like CGTalk or Threedy, or if you move on to other software like Blender then go to their respective forums.

Communities you can try out:

If you've got any input to say, feel free to post a reply here.

Anim8or Challenges / [ COMPLETE ] Challenge #24: Halls of Fury!
« on: January 06, 2011, 03:40:09 am »
Halls of Fury!

Welcome to Challenge #24! The goal here is to fill the above hallway with whatever you see fit! Make a cool scene out of it!

Wait, what?
That's right folks. You get a lovely clean canvas in the form of 5 sides to do whatever you wish! Add content in or around the halls, modify the walls to your liking, add more hallways, whatever you please!

Eh, What's The Catch?
Uh oh. Umm....
  • You gotta model some of the stuff in Anim8or
  • The original hallway's dimensions can't be changed
  • The camera position, direction and FOV can't be changed

One Whole Month! (March 13th, 2011)

A puh-PRIZE!?!
The top three winners get a poster shipped to them with all the entries in it! (so long as there are 5+ entries).

Use whatever renderer you want!

Use the .an8 file as your foundation for your hallway!

Please post your final image as 1800x360!

Q: Should the word "Fury" reflect in the scene?
A: Only if you want it to ;) That won't be in the judging criteria. The public will be judging the entries based on overall impression.

Q: Seems like a lot of work, can I do this challenge with someone else?
A: Yes! The end result is all that matters, so long as it's done through sweat and tears! (no prefabs please!)

Q: I'm using XXXX program to do my non-modeling work. Does the scene orientation/camera setup have to perfectly match the Anim8or version?
A: Don't be the one sticking out like a sore thumb! Try to match it as perfectly as possible! Most scene/camera systems should be similar enough to where you can just enter the same coordinates and FOV you'll be pretty close to the original. After that it's just a bit of tweaking!

Q: Do I have to use the same lighting/materials/etc that's in the attached .an8 file?
A: No, the only things you have to keep the same are the dimensions of the hallway, the 5:1 ratio of the camera resolution, and the same distance and FOV. You can add whatever you want to the hallway, add more hallways or rooms, add stuff around the hallway to supplement it, add stuff inside it, etc. Just don't block the original hallway from the camera. Also from the sample you only really get the impression of one kind of scale. But you can make it out to whatever scale of detail you want. Like a huge banquet or concert hall, a portion of a mall, a regular underground hallway, a hotel hallway, a mouse nest, or whatever. Just remember that you can only add so much detail to the outside of it (equal to the black space around the hallway in the render above). Everything else will be cropped out!

Final Entries
(Click on the image to load full-size -- Warning: Very Large Image!!!)

General Anim8or Forum / tWEAK v0.2 - Anim8or Radial Menu and ToolKit
« on: October 24, 2010, 11:52:13 pm »
Current Version: 0.2
Compatible With Windows XP and Higher and Anim8or v0.97d Preview

Version 0.2 Radial Menu

//Introduction & Features
Welcome to the offical tWEAK page. tWEAK is a radial menu and toolkit, though basically it's a program that automates and combines a bunch of anim8or commands together in order to speed the modelling process!

  • Radial Menu with easy access to commonly used commands
  • Color-grouped menu items makes it easier to remember where things are
  • Tweak tool makes for fast moving of points and edges on a mesh
  • Quick knife tool supplements the tweak tool by letting you cut faster to tweak later
  • Mirror tool automates the tedious task of Mirroring meshes along the X-axis
  • Dolly tool makes for much faster navigation within the Anim8or 3D workspace
  • Easily change brush strength and size in figure editor
  • And much more!

//Installation Instructions
  • Download the attached tWEAK zip file in this post.
  • Extract to a directory of your choice (make sure you won't accidentally delete it!)
  • Open tWEAK.exe
  • Drag the generated shortcut to your quick bar or desktop for ease of access

//How to use
Easy! Have tWEAK open while you're using Anim8or.

Using the radial menu:
  • Hold down "Space" to pop it up
  • Hover the mouse over one of the menu items
  • Release "space" to select the menu item and deactivate the menu

Using the dolly tool:
  • Hold down "Left Alt"
  • Click and drag any of your three mouse buttons to pan, rotate, or zoom your camera view
  • Letting go of "Left Alt" deactivates dolly mode

Using the Quick Knife:
  • Select the Quick Knife tool from the radial menu
  • Cut an edge or select a single point, cut another edge or select another point, etc
  • Deactivate by right-clicking or pressing Esc

Using the Tweak Tool:
  • Select the Tweak tool from the radial menu
  • Click and drag a point or edge around based on which selection type is enabled
  • You can keep clicking and dragging any number of points or edges in succession without reactivating the tool
  • Right-click anywhere or press Esc to deactivate the Tweak tool

Disabling tWEAK:
  • Double-click the icon in your taskbar to toggle the Suspend state
  • OR Right-click the icon and select Exit or Suspend

SpacebarRadial Menu
Left AltDolly Tool
Ctrl+1/2/3Wireframe/Flat Shaded/Smooth Shaded
Shift+Ctrl+SSave As...
Ctrl+NNew Object/Figure/Sequence/Scene
Shift+Ctrl+NNew Project
[Decrease Brush Size
]Increase Brush Size
- (NumPad Subtract Sign)Decrease Bone Size
+ (NumPad Add Sign)Increase Bone Size
EscDeactivate any tool

//Important Notes
  • The radial menu can get popped up no matter what window is open, so deactivate tWEAK if you stop using Anim8or
  • If you try using the radial menu buttons in any window or outside of Anim8or's Object editor, they won't work. (Intended)

  • You MUST right-click to deactivate the Tweak and Quick Knife tools
  • Failure to deactivate these two tools when swapping windows or editors will result in very quirky behavior until you right-click to deactivate. You've been warned!

  • The Quick Knife tool determines the next cut point to connect to based on if it's selected or not. It determines if it's selected by detecting any pure white in the 3D workspace
  • So make sure there's no white in your 3D environment when you're using the Quick Knife tool (ie no reference images or bright materials with white in them)
  • Also make sure that whatever wireframe mode you select has the points enabled in File->Configure Gui
  • Failure to do so won't kill your program...but you probably won't get the desired results. It's easier to model on a gray-ish model with the points viewable anyway :P

  • This program does not modify any of Anim8or's code, nor does it contain any of Anim8or's code

//To-Do List

Bug/Glitch Fixes:
  • Prevent the radial menu from popping up anywhere but in the Anim8or workspace
  • Improve performance
  • Improve Quick Knife tool

New Features:
  • More mirroring options such as Mirror subdivision objects, mirror solids into subdivision objects, Mirror along more than one axis
  • Editor-specific radial menus (not just Object editor)
  • Add more awesome tools and fill in the rest of the Radial Menu

v0.1b (10/24/2010):
  • Added Object Edit menu item
  • Moved single select menu item next to rectangle select item.
  • Updated ColorGroups
v0.1c (10/25/2010):
  • Radial menu now enabled by holding down the space bar
  • Radial menu now has a small delay to help prevent accidental misfires
  • Dolly tool is now activated by pressing Ctrl+D
  • Knife and Tweak tools deactivate if you click anywhere outside the 3D workspace
  • Knife and Tweak tools deactivate if you use any other tool in the radial menu (changing views or select modes does not deactivate them)
  • Knife and Tweak tool quirks are now all but gone
v0.1d (10/26/2010):
  • Dolly tool now activated by pressing LAlt
  • Tweak tool snaps to nearby points or edges for faster tweaking
  • Tweak tool now tweaks faces when in face select mode
  • Select Quad Ring and Connect Edges menu items added to Radial Menu
  • Regular knife tool removed from Radial Menu pending improved quick knife
  • Going to point,edge, or face select mode enables the single select tool automatically
v0.2 (10/29/2010):
  • Radial Menu is now context-sensitive for each editor
  • Loads of new goodies for the figure editor
  • A hopeful fix for those who can pop up the menu but not do anything else :P
  • Better menu background (maybe)
  • Changed (but still crappy) quick knife tool
  • Hotkeys implemented that make sense (Ctrl+S saves, Ctrl+O opens, Ctrl+N makes a new object/figure/sequence/scene, etc)

tWEAK only works in Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It also only works with the latest version of Anim8or (v0.97d)

Can't get it to run? Then just in case it's your antivirus or antispyware programs that are blocking it, please disable them first to see if that's the cause (also try disabling Windows Defender). If tWEAK runs with them disabled, then you'll have to add tWEAK as an exception in their databases. Re-enable your security programs afterwards, please!

If you still can't get it to work, here's some steps to take to help identify if tWEAK is recognizing Anim8or at all:

  • Download the Window file attached to this post
  • Extract and run Window Info.exe
  • Open up Anim8or while it's open, and mouse over the 3D workspace
  • Under >>>>>>>>>>( Window Title & Class )<<<<<<<<<<< it should say Object: (name of project) ahk_class Anim8or
  • Under >>>>>>>>>( Now Under Mouse Cursor )<<<<<<<< it should say ClassNN:  Anim8or-OpenGL1, along with some other info

If it doesn't say this information then tWEAK isn't recognizing it. Post the contents of Window Info.exe in a new post so that I can see what it's reading.

Also, provide this information:
Operating system (Windows 7/Vista/XP) (32 or 64 bit?) (Home Premium/Business/Ultimate/whatever)
Antivirus programs(Don't forget about Windows Defender)
Exactly what is and what is not working (Tray icon/Radial Menu pop-up/Functionality/Hotkeys)

Driven by Autohotkey

Radial Menu framework developed by Boris Mudrinić (The Learner)

The rest done by Raxx

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