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An update to Anim8or, v1.00b, is available with a few bug fixes. Get your copy HERE. See the "ReadMe" file for details.

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Thanks Steve!

... but don't do it if there's any chance of breaking something else as this is a very trivial issue after all.
(It would be a great shame to break v1 for the sake of a tick mark!  :'( )

Will do.

One thing I do recall is that at the time that this occurred, I had just discovered the alt-RMB function no longer worked and I was trying to find out (by trial and error) what key combination would de-select faces. So it may be possible that some random combination of CTRL / SHIFT / ALT and RMB caused this issue, as well as the issue with the diacritic characters on the keyboard (as both issues occurred around the same time).

I do think it more likely that whatever I did put the OS into some strange state, rather than Anim8or, but this might just give you an avenue to replicate it.


One extra comment:
The ability to re-locate multiple objects at once would be of most help when re-organizing existing 0.98 / 0.95 projects, however for new v.1 projects most of the overhead associated with organizing object folders would be mitigated if new and imported objects were to be initially located by default in the same folder as the current object ... which in most cases would probably be the appropriate location for it to stay (in the way that I work anyway --- YMMV).

Currently, new and imported objects are created at the root level (which means they almost always have to be re-located at some point).

I was adjusting texture alignment on selected faces at the time, so point edit mode.
(ie. the yellow UV tool was visible, however once maximized I couldn't get rid of it because none of the controls were clickable due to whatever the iossue was.)
OS=WIN7 SP1 64bit
Graphics= Intel HD4000 (integrated)

I can't replicate the problem now either, so I wouldn't worry too much about it Steve. Probably not a bug, but due to whatever was going on with my machine at the time (remember I also had those keyboard issues around the same time -- which have also not re-occurred).

I think it's safe to assume this is not a bug, but if it happens again I'll try to get a handle on the exact cause / circumstances, and I'll let you know.


Completely understand and agree, and I have no expectations regarding timeframe in any case. (Sorry I haven't posted earlier).
Probably the one with the least risk of regression is #2, but NONE of these is worth the risk when you're so close to release.

That said, you might just want to make sure that you can't replicate #6 (just posted) before release. (Although it did come right eventually, so probably not a show-stopper even if you do manage to replicate it.)



While UV mapping a texture I needed to maximize Anim8or.
After maximizing, the viewport failed to redraw.  After returning to windowed mode it came right.

Around about the same time this happened, I also tried to save the project but when trying to enter a filename to save as, I found that my keyboard was giving the wrong chars.
eg. I would press the "-" key and get a single quote. The ";" key would give md something like an "a" with some sort of umlat decoration.

Note that around the time these issues appeared, I had also downloaded a couple of random textues, so this behaviour may be indicative of a virus rather than an actual Anim8or bug, but it would ne interesting to see if anyone else can replicate these issues.

Great that we now have the ability to organize objects into folders, however, in projects which have a lot of objects (eg 100+) it can be very tedious and time-consuming to create (or re-organize) those folders because each object must be visited individually, and a dialog opened, etc...  in order to change it's folder.

Some way of bulk-selecting objects (and maybe drag and drop functionality) to be moved into a specific folder would make life a lot easier in this respect.

This post referenced in: Version 1.0 Bugs and Suggestions

In earlier versions, the current object window has always been indicated by a "tick mark".
Now that we have the ability to organize object windows into folders, on re-opening a saved project, it can sometimes be a little difficult (when there's a large number of objects and folders) to locate the folder in which the current object window resides.

Perhaps a tick could be maintained on the parent folder of the current object as well as the object itself.

This post referenced in: Version 1.0 Bugs and Suggestions

A while ago I told Steve I had a few thoughts / observations / suggestions for version 1.0, however I'm always too busy doing other things, so I never get around to posting them.
So what I thought I'd do is create this thread as a place-holder containing a reference to each of the suggestions, bugs etc, as I get around to posting about them. Some will be simple bugs, others might be issues raised as a result of changes in the latest build, and some others will be issues that have been around for a long time which I've never got around to reporting. (Most of these I've either long forgotten about or found workarounds, so I'll probably just post about each of these as I re-encounter them and my memory is jogged.)

Please DO NOT REPLY to this thread, as it's just designed as a personal reference / index to the issues as I report them. Please only comment / reply in the DETAIL thread (once I've created it).

As I get around to it, for each issue, I will add a bullet point to this post/thread with a link to the detailed thread describing the issue in more detail. If you see an item listed here without a link to a separate thread, that's just because I haven't got around to creating the detailed thread yet.

As I said, if anyone has comments about any of these issues, please reply in the DETAIL thread (NOT in this thread).

Here's the first few:
1.OPENBuild 1269 BUG - Alt key has been re-assigned. DETAILS HERE
2.FIXEDObject Folders - Parent Folder needs an indicator as well. DETAILS HERE
3.OPENObject Folders - Some sort of bulk re-organisation functionality needed.DETAILS HERE
4.OPENGroup / Ungroup - inconsistent effects on Object Layers DETAILS HERE
5.OPENGroup / Ungroup loss of Materials -- (May have been fixed already - TBA)
6.NOT A BUGRedraw failure + keyboard remapped on SAVE. DETAILS HERE

It appears that the function performed by the ALT key has been reassigned in this build.
Previously (0.98) it was used in combination with the Right-Mouse button to allow de-selection of faces, lines, vertex's in Object/Point editing mode.
Now it appears to bring up the rotate tool instead. (Not sure if this is an intended change or simply a bug.)

This is a problem because I can see no way now to deselect faces, etc. when accidentally selected.
For example, after selecting 50 faces, if the 51'st face is incorrectly selected, there is no way to undo that last selection, and you have to start from scratch every time you make an accidental selection.

This post referenced in: Version 1.0 Bugs and Suggestions

Thanks for letting me know.
At least you've saved me from wasting any time attempting it, so thanks for that.
The scripts, and parts of scripts that DO work from those examples demonstrate how powerful a toll scripting can be, so it's a shame that it's broken as this could literally have saved days and weeks of tedious repetitive work. Oh well .. :(
FYI, those scripts also crashed 0.98 (or was it 0.95 -- I tested against one of those) so I guess it's been broken for a loooong time!
After using this DEV build for a week or so now, I have some observations about how some of the new(ish) functionality, such as Folders, User Views, etc. could be improved or streamlined. Mostly just trivial changes and tweaks probably, but could have a major impact on workfllows and ease of use.
Once I collect my thoughts about this, if you're interested in the feedback, I'd be glad to post my suggestions in another thread at some point, or send you a PM.



In my initial investigations, I've found a few example scirpts here:
However neither of the scripts which involve rendering actually succeeds in producing any output (to the screen or anywhere else), (eg. for_3.a8s, and sphere.txt ... and the first one actually causes Anim8tor to hang/crash.

Note that I'm using the latest build 1269, so maybe there's a backwards compatibility issue with these presumedly quite old scripts.  I'll test these out with an older stable build like 0.98 and see if they work there.

Any thoughts from any scripting experts?


I'm doing some rendering tasks at the moment which require the exact viewpoint to be replicated for every single render. The rendering tasks are very tedious and repetitive, so I was hoping to write a script to automate this. Is this possible in ASL?
I haven't really done a lot of scripting in Anim8tor, but a quick look suggests that ASL is perhaps aimed at modelling and animation tasks, but I'm not sure if it's capable of scripting user actions, etc.

For example, after setting up a Custom Viewpoint, the script might need to do some or all of the following:
(pseudo code)
Initialize/specify Renderer
Perform AA Setup (set SPP, Sampling Method)
foreach <object> in <list of objects>
   foreach <material> in <list of materials>
      -- apply material to object
      -- Render -> Render Image
         Select Antialiased
         Select Image + Alpha Channel)
      -- Save the rendered scene as a PNG to a specified Output Folder with a unique filename genarated using some convention such as:
      -- Close render window
The end result would be a folder containing a rendered PNG with alpha channel for each combination of object / material.
      eg. a couple of example filenames using this convention might be:

Can these sort of tasks be automated in ASL?


General Anim8or Forum / Re: Crash in Build 1269
« on: April 21, 2017, 06:45:46 pm »
Steve, you're welcome ... thanks for Anim8tor!

You're right. It makes more sense to make user views project wide, so I'll do that for the next beta (plus I'll fix the crash :) ) Thanks for feedback.
BTW, I only raised this issue because I was still thinking about my workflow in terms of v0.95 functionality. The new functionality that you've added (eg. Layers) probably makes a lot of the switching between windows I used to do in order to isolate objects somewhat un-necessary.
So after a couple of days with the new build, I think my original point is somewhat moot because by utilizing Layers, I can now stay in the same window. That said, you're probably right that the scope should be widened as that will lead to more flexibility.

I've been using Anim8tor for quite some time now (since somewhere around perhaps v0.86) and just grabbed this DEV build a few days ago.
I've been using 0.95 for the past year or so and since grabbing this update a couple of days ago, I'm really appreciating some of the new features you've added since 0.95.
Layers, Object Folders, and User Views are the sort of features I would have liked to have many years ago, and have really helped a lot with my workflows in the last couple of days. Keep up the good work!
v1.0 is looking very promising.

EDIT: The remainder of this post relocated to the more appropriate Scripts Board:,5517.0.html#new

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Crash in Build 1269
« on: April 18, 2017, 06:37:18 pm »

I see now Steve that you have also added layers, so I think that should be a much better way to achieve my rendering tasks without having to resort to switching between objects ... so don't worry about the second part of my OP. :)

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