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Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: April 02, 2008, 08:31:00 am »
yeah obviously ... Once all models are made for one of the worlds, set up a scene and add all the objects in ... Then take camera shots. Though you must have four directions in one position. North, east, south, west.

What ive done in the past is save each position as either 1 then put a,b,c,d to indicate the four viewsd in that position. EG. Bridge1a, Bridge 1b, Bridge 1c, Bridge 1d - then move camera down the path (or whever you want to position the camera) and save the next position images as Bridge 2a, Bridge 2b ... etc, etc.

I think the views are called nodes? im not quite sure ...

As i said, if you want send me the anim8or file with the scene set up, all models done, etc, and i will render the scenes for you :)

There will be animations, yes. Cutscenes will include the railcart rides, etc.

In fact, i think its best if you send all scenes to me, because i will need to add objects into your created models anyway, such as railcart rails, video message pods ...

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: April 01, 2008, 07:41:33 pm »
Dont worry about sketches. I havent been able to work on any of the other three worlds yet because im still modelling the Bridge Island. If you want to model J'harin then the models are going to be alot like the models in Tamahna in Myst Exile (if youve palyed it) ... Bright, colourful, foliage, trees, etc ...

And great :) Im glad Avenic is progressing :)
Ive completed three models for the Bridge Island so far ... as well as doing a hell of a lot of Art coursework for a levels :P

by the way, use big textures for the futuristic buildings ... big objects will need to be textured with big textures so they look realistic and dont stretch ...

i find that is a fantastic site for textures :)
im using my own and these :)

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: March 31, 2008, 07:37:40 pm »
Wow ... thanks for the links :) they will come in very useful, and cheers for allowing me to use your models :)

so far, im modelling all the exterior models for The Bridge Island.

Avemic is a futurustic world ... which is unstable, dark, metalic, dull ... The objects will be futuristic and yes, futuristic vehciles also, but some of them would have crash landed, etc. I guess some of the them will still be working ...

The best plan for the graphics team is to design indivisual objects for the world, then send them to me ... Or, if you have set out a scene and know whgere everything should go, do the scene then send the scene file to me to render :)

im open to suggestions, of course :)

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Car Model
« on: March 30, 2008, 09:39:09 am »
Your model looks great :)

I have always wanted to create a car though never found myself able enough, with the skill enough, to do it :(

i was wondering if i could use your model in my game im designing ? You would be credited for it :) also, sales made be distributed between all members of the design team ... so ... up 2 you

great model, though :)

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: March 30, 2008, 09:30:42 am »
Yeah ... Normallly i use my own digital camera to take pictures of materials ... However, the websites youve suggested look great :)

i will have the documentation done soon ... I have actually altered the storyline considerably and added a background depth to the characters in the game which in turn effects the game's environment, the puzzles, etc.

I will also develope the three worlds so you can start modelling ...

I have three names now: Quon, J'harin, Avenic.

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Textures and model problem!
« on: March 28, 2008, 09:12:27 pm »

i had problems today using v9. For some reason the renderer wasnt picking up the textures

also, in v97, i use a number of lights - spotlights, mostly - but only a limited number seemed to work!  ??? I had quite a few ... is there a limited amount to use in Anim8or? I cant see why there should be  :-\

can anyone help? :)

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: March 28, 2008, 09:06:19 pm »
Yeah great :) ill give you a basic run down on what the world should be like, because it has to coincide with the story and the world im creating in the game (More on that soon ...) but yeah, if you come up with ideas, sketches and manage to render some scenes, that would be gr8 :)

ill attach some images i rendered today after creating a very VERY basic 3d model of the world im creating for the game. I have also developed a lot of notes, referring to specific model designs and puzzles and developed the story a little as well:) I will attach these images and the document as a .zip file perhaps tomorrow if i get a chance. The world im creating is the first place the player enters. it's like ... the library of the three worlds. Here, the portals lie and the railcarts and the tower, etc.

i believe i have come up with a reasonable title for the game now.

I hope from the images ill attach soon that you can get an idea of the game anyway. a file document with puzzle ideas, documented synopsis, characters - how ill film them, etc - will help a great deal also.

if anyone can create some decent textures that would be appreciated to :) all team members will be credited of course in the game

Keep posting, though i think four graphic designs will be efficient. No more than 4

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: March 28, 2008, 08:42:43 am »
Adventure Maker is a full software ... You can get the free trial which you can use for however long you wush to. Its the one i have at the moment which im getting used to again after a long time away from the game design interests :P you cant create commercial games using the free version. you can only create executable platable sellable games using the full version. Also, 360 paronamic viewing interfaces can be established with the full version :D look it up :)

Yeah :) I have Myst, Riven, Exile, RealMyst ... I also have a vast amount of other point and click games which i purchased for influential and inspiration purposes mostly: these include ... Reah, Aura, Rhem I and II, Dragon Lore II, Dark Fall I and II, Road to India, Necronomicon and Evany. Reah and Dragon Lore II used a great engine where the player can actually watch themselves movie forward in first person, so you click forward, and your character actually moves forward. Reah did a better job of this, as the transitions were faster ... Dragon Lore II (which i started playing at the age of 6 - and is probably no longer available or compatible for any computer beyond the Wind98 specification barrier) had animations which were far too slow - realistic! yes, but tooo slow

and im glad i helped :P i would love a full version copy of the Adventure Maker software, though at the moment, i cant spare the money enough to get it yet unfortunately. I have just recently purchased a brand new portal Corg keyboard with arpeggiator, 360 sounds, etc, which will help me in my a level music course but also in the creation of my new game idea.

I really need some help with the graphics :P Ive decided i will put aside my writing hobby for now and start constructing the game - concepts, puzzles, artwork, graphics.

Because there are 3 worlds featured in the game - all three i have yet to design - perhaps three people can work on each indivisual world? You can create ideas for puzzles and art if you wish to :) If there are three people at work on graphics, then the game should speed up production a little easier :D

haha i got B in ICT by the way, though i was unable to do any game designing :O Your sister's lucky :P I was only able to create spreadsheets and the other boring things that went with the course haha - as i sed, im not good at the intellectual programming side of game design :( wish i was though
- im in it for the art and creative developement process:)

i gave up game design for quite a while, due to my ever-changing interests in other creative hobbies. These included writing and music - playting in bands, that never got me anywhere to be honest. Its all good fun, but seriously, i want to get into a job that concentrates on art. Game design sounds great - i was inspired to get into game design after watching the Making of Myst that came with the CD rom. Ever since, I have always had an interest with the point and click interface, probably because games like these are so easy to make, compared to Realtime 3d RPG games ...

i have Bryce 5.5 at home, which can generate really realistic graphics with the same standard as Riven. however, i want to start making my game as soon as possible, and it might take some time learning how to use Bryce :S

If anyone's interested in joining and getting down to some creative modelling, creating realistic graphics, etc, then contact me either here, say what influences you, etc, or email me at


General Anim8or Forum / Re: Textures and model problem!
« on: March 27, 2008, 09:12:20 pm »
Yeah - hopefully. How long did it take ? :P

anyway, at least i solved the last problem. Hopefully now i can start developing the graphics for my game ...

another question ... because i havent used Anim8or since v9 was released, im curious as to what the difference is between the two Renderers SCANLINE and Art Ray Tracer??

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Textures and model problem!
« on: March 27, 2008, 09:05:11 pm »
Thanks :P

im sure on the last version i used to use had the texture set automatically, and for some reason i have to use the FLAT tool in order to soo the model smooth? :S shouldnt the smooth icon do this - like it used to do?

also, when i select the model it doesnt show up in a yellow box - or doesnt show indication that ive selected it at all :S

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: March 27, 2008, 08:59:35 pm »
Yeah. Myst Exile is fantastic :) Adventure Maker is a great construction tool which does allow you to create either point and click still image games and panoramic 360 degree games like Myst 3.

Its a rough idea. It might be targetted for a younger audience as an educational learning program ... I think a game like this would sell pretty well, though it will have an atmosphere similiar to the myst games.

Heres a quick synopsis i wrote down today after brainstorming :) i have also drawn some conceptional art ...


Kiefer Donald has lost his son. He suspects a kidnapping. Little does he know that someone from another world has done this crime … Kiefer suddenly finds himself in a cave. A dirty wet cave. From here, there lies … some sort of … cart. A lift? On entering it, you are automatically driven up, up, up, up – where your journey begins.

You are Kiefer. You must explore three worlds, three places, and solve puzzles in order to survive. Only too soon do you realise your son has been here. He has left clues. But not enough. Then, you realise he is not the only one who is in trouble – in each world there are video messages. Some of them are very old and corrupted. There's someone else and he needs your help! He mentions a boy – kiefer’s son!

Explore the worlds to discover two things. Two very important things. A password and a key. Each key opens the doors to the next world, each password opens the gateway on the rail tracks to enter the portals.

Once you have explored each world and reached the end of the bridge, Kiefer's son is but a few metres away in the tower – a broken bridge; another puzzle. But have you been mislead? All this way? What really lies in that tower? Do you dare find out?

Two rockets are seen in the distance. Will you leave on one of them?
Rescue Skigh. Bring him back home. Keep your wits about you, use all your intellect to your advantage, and good luck

Its very rough. I have only created the idea recently.
I think the game is going to be called SKIGH and will fit in nicely with a larger developed game concept entitled Seachild which i failed creating last time due to taking too much time on graphics ...

This game SKIGH will be more basic and shorter, i hope, yet will still be full with enough puzzles to keep the audience entertained.

I can compose the music but audio will be another issue

General Anim8or Forum / Textures and model problem!
« on: March 27, 2008, 09:43:42 am »

My name's Aaron

I have been using Anim8or for a quite some time, since i was 13. Im now 16, yet i have had a period of about a year where i havent used it at all. I recently downloaded v.95 and for some strange reason the smooth round effect that can be applied to the model just for viewing purposes still has a load of lines going around it :S also, the textures dont appear once ive applied to the model and only appear in the rendered image, animation.

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: New Idea, New Team
« on: March 27, 2008, 09:24:06 am »

thanks for letting me see your staircase :) i like it. Its not yet finished, but i like how you got the parameters and everything else in perspectivea nd correct :)

as i said, ive tried making games before - im not good at coding. I tried DarkBASIC and the only software im able to use is Adventure Maker which does ita ll for you. Look it up :) its great stuff for constructing simple Riven puzzle like games :) I find Anim8or a great and easy tool to use for modelling Myst style graphics as well, for obvious reasons, one being rendering 2d flat images.

Im currently studying A levels (music technology, english lit, art and film studies) so at the moment, im unable to concetrate on creating really detailed graphics as i would like to :(:( All i can do really is come up the ideas and concepts, unfortunately, nd perhaps have a bit of a go on the art and graphics. Im also writing a book at the moment - currently at page 560, manuscript pages. So, being able to create a storyline for the game wouldn't be too difficult. Though i understand it would be the puzzles that would be the real attraction and the whole point the audience would want to play and purchase the game.

A good indepentedly designed game is RHEM I, II and II by Knut Mueller. He has a website for the games.

If anyone still wants to help me, then please reply :) or email me, and ill send you some of my graphic art designed using Anim8or:)

Programmers, graphic artists, anyone who would want to be in to designing perhaps a rather basic puzzle game for distrubution and selling on the internet ...


Finished Works and Works in Progress / New Idea, New Team
« on: March 26, 2008, 08:44:14 pm »

Im a new user. My name's aaron Gwynaire. I'm sixteen, from the UK, and i've been using Anim8or since i was about thirteen - and have attempted to create some games from using the software. I got close to completing one once, though failed.

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to be put some of their time and effort into making the graphics for a point and click Myst/Riven style game ... I have an idea, a storyline, and some conceptional art.

If anyone could help me out or are at all interested, email me or simply post a comment :)


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