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Don't give up Thanos, one day you will be playing a game made by dude's engine, see a awesome collision, and think "hey that's my code!", while mankind is being annihilated by an alien spaceship from sector XD-123 and cooldude234 is happily laughing at how much he sold earth for. Hey robert, are you working in something else, other than physics and sound?

PS: I need to stop drinking so much coffee.

Got it!. I'll take another look here, it would help a lot to have a compiler :P.

Lol (i hate you :P), i don't know of this will change anything, but try normalizing the ray direction (Ray2 in your code dude). Also PM me with the code you're using to build the ray.

Looking at the code and equations, it's well written and should work now. In case this doesn't work, you should give a look at how you're constructing the ray ie: converting mouse (window) coords to 3d. Mixing degrees and radians can also lead to errors and wrong output.

PS: I didn't test your code Thanos, i've just formatted my machine and my super 128k dial-down disconnection makes me unable to download a compiler  ;D.

Hey dude, it's great to see your engine progressing  ;D. I will start to help you again soon, not so soon, right now i'm studying tcp/udp to able to build multiplayer games (including an online card game, that will certainly be my first completed game, i hope :P). So give your best and don't forget to rest! :D.

Off-topic: I was a bit worried about you, but it looks like both your personality and thinking is intact  ;).

oh, so you did some progress? i thought you're busy cleaning your room :D.

Awesome! that's all i can say :P.

ps: i'll be on msn all day, so i can help you with the .obj loading.

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Polly 3D engine-not finalized???
« on: June 18, 2012, 03:14:18 pm »
yup, so i bet on P. undead :P.

That's great (i've thought you got hit by a car again =D). Hey dude, any progress in bone animation?

PS: can you send me that cre8or copy later (msn)?

Long time no see Fatal, cre8oristhe here (stupid non-sense nickname). Dude's project is getting bigger than i expected (no offenses) =P. I'm working in an game engine too, but it's for my personal use (also to promote autohotkey, language i'm using).

That's great!, now you hav no excuses to being lazy  ;D.

Act 1:
Sorry I was working in an new coding structure and forgot the fps limiting, also i've accidentaly put the mouse part inside main loop, causing that crap bug, the space is an long forgotten hotkey for adding random geometry.

Act 2:
Having a matrix per polygon is quite memory and CPU expensive dontchathink? The main problem here is the non-uniform transform, because each point will receive it's ancestor rotation accumulated (quaternions accumulates rotations). Using a matrix gives the same result (don't know why).

final act:
Loved that theme  ;D.

LOL! & Associated

Here's it, all it does is rotates all points in array by an pivot at center (left-click mouse to see effect).

PS:It screws everything as always :P.

I'm working on an solution here, i will post it later.

Hmm...Have a look here:

I'm not sure it will help, but it's quite hard to find an decent tutorial for opengl about this things.

PS: (i'm stuck at this too :P).

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