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Hey dude, here's an great resource for learning matrixes (rotation,translation,scaling,transformation,frustum,etc):

I'm using great part of this on my engine (most for matrix).

PS: The car is fine too?  ;D

Sorry, i have no ideas for new tools (Principally for anim8or)  :'(.

Hey dude, here's a tip for your scene export thing: use a timestep and finite state machine.


Use fsm (finite state machine) to record current game status, and use timestep to synchonize it to frames.

Also, here some Opengl tips...

-Always use the vector forms of these methods: glvertex,glColor,glTexCoord and glNormal.
-> gl(Vertex|Color|texCoord|Normal)(2|3|4)(f|i|d)v(array_of_values)

-Use display lists for materials and texture units, using glColorMaterial(face,mode) to reduce function call overload:
->glColorMaterialf(GL_FRONT,GL_AMBIENT), now glColor3f() will affect current material ambient. To enable glColorMaterial use: glEnable(GL_COLOR_MATERIAL).

-Use Vertex buffer objects for animated meshs and terrains, or use interpolation between frames (Lerp or qLerp).

-Keep non-gl code before Opengl code, it speeds Opengl rendering.

-use delta-timing for Syncronism (principally for networked games).
->//Loop beginning
time := glutGet(GLUT_ELAPSED_TIME) //or similar like GetTickCount()
delta := time - delay
delay := time

deltasec := delta/1000 //convert to seconds

playerpos.x += player_velocity.x * (0.5 * deltasec) //moves 0.5 units in x, independent of application speed.

Sleep((1000/frames_per_second)-time) //Frame limiting (obs: it don't work in my Engine)
//Opengl Code

...And that's just some tips (and tricks) to speedup your application. I've attached 2 screens of my 3d Engine.

Hey dude, it's becoming really (useful) cool, good job!

#PS: Loved that blur-like effect.
#PS2: cre8oristhe here ;D

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