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An update to Anim8or, v1.00b, is available with a few bug fixes. Get your copy HERE. See the "ReadMe" file for details.

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Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum / Re: A list of ideas for anim8or
« on: March 10, 2009, 05:24:17 pm »
Like Bamman62, I've been reading through all the docs trying to find a "make edge round" command, but haven't found one. My current workaround only works for four of the edges of a rectangular object: I make a cylinder and stretch its quadrants to become the edges. Presumably one can do the same with a sphere, but it's a lot harder to select the 8 "corners".


Thanks again.





Anim8or should list the names of all of the scripts that it is trying to load, whether or not they fail to load. There is no way to know a priori if anim8or might happen to have another bug which prevents some scripts from loading with no error messages whatsoever.

Also, when many scripts are involved, and if more than one has a bug, it can be very difficult to find the ones that are not listed.

While one can in principle search through the scripts directory to find them, comparing the file names one at a time to the list that loaded, this is an inconvenience which should be unnecessary.


I know that.
The bug in Anim8or is that it does not say what script is generating the error message
Code: [Select]
missing or invalid directive, script not installedIt only lists the scripts which have no errors.

The script I've been using to export CMOD models no longer works when run under v0.97b.
No error messages are generated.
It works fine with v0.97a.

The script writes two output files, one listing all materials, the other contains the mesh and vector lists.
An empty material file is written under v0.97b.

The script has not been changed since November 11, 2006.

It's available at
(500 lines, 17KB)

When running either Anim8or v0.97a or v0.97b, I discovered that they're generating a script error message when loading scripts but do not indicate what script has the error. All of the scripts listed claim to have 0 errors. See below.

Here's the output seen in the debug window:
Code: [Select]

Compiling "C:\ScsiData\3DModlers\anim8or\export_cmod_plugin.a8s":
507 lines 0 errors
Compiling "C:\ScsiData\3DModlers\anim8or\loft.a8s":
226 lines 0 errors
Compiling "C:\ScsiData\3DModlers\anim8or\loft2.a8s":
329 lines 0 errors
Compiling "C:\ScsiData\3DModlers\anim8or\material_1.a8s":
37 lines 0 errors
missing or invalid directive, script not installed
Compiling "C:\ScsiData\3DModlers\anim8or\spring_plugin_1.a8s":
231 lines 0 errors
Compiling "C:\ScsiData\3DModlers\anim8or\torusa_plugin.a8s":
82 lines 0 errors
Compiling "C:\ScsiData\3DModlers\anim8or\torus_plugin.a8s":
82 lines 0 errors

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