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hey, ive been avidly using anim8or for about 2 weeks or so now, and i few problems i have is...... how do i change the checkered floor in "scene mode"; instead of the black and white checkered floor how would i add something like a carpet or dirt? i have terranim8or but thats different, thats a landscape

and also, i cant seem to get line modeling down, ive made a few crapy things, filled them, and extruded them, but i want to model a Gibson Les Paul(a guitar) and when i load the reference image i cant see the lines i draw    :(     

and also is there a such thing as a "texture pack" like just something that has a bunch of different textures that i can apply to stuff? and if so where can i download it???

well i have about 30 other questions but ill keep it to these few, hahah, well thanks for thehelp and all comments are appreciated


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