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Can anyone give me any advice on how to create reflections easily. I've never really use this function in anim8or before.

ahh, good idea, think i'll re do that tonight.

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Re: Spyro the Dragon
« on: October 21, 2008, 11:36:59 pm »
This is awesome, great modelling!

Thanks, heres a few very quick images of what i'm working on... its just going to be a little promo image when its finished
First image is a quick render (only basic room shape and no textures)
Second image UV mapped version of the room which i'm working on

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Model a tank in Anim8or
« on: October 21, 2008, 05:34:57 pm »
ha ha, do i need to be animanon for this? By the way great tutorial! Hope you didn't miss too much of day after tomorrow.

General Anim8or Forum / Re: Model a tank in Anim8or
« on: October 21, 2008, 05:27:58 pm »
What program are you using for the UV mapping?

yeah, i am using audacity... it was in the list above :D

Each piece of software has various features which others don't so they have to be used. For example particle effects is a lot easier to carry out in Blender where as in Anim8or it is harder to do.
I'll give you a little run down of the software going to be used and what for...

Anim8or-Puttin textures onto the models, animation and rendering. May also use it for some modelling.

Blender-Certain scenes may be made in blender if they are particularily demanding, particle effects can also be done in blender, some modelling will also be done in blender (characters and various objects)

Hexagon 2.2- A large amount of the modelling i'm doing will probably be done in hexagon simply because it has a huge range of tools and is very easy and quick to use. No texturing will be done in hexagon though.

Carrara 5 pro- I put this one down as a kind of maybe program, i'm not that familiar with it however i know that it has excellent rendering facillities so it may be used in some one to do with that however i don't think it is going to be used that much in this project. I might just do some of the still images in this or titles/logo/advert style things with this program.

Paintshop pro 8-Just a program i use to create most of my textures, i've also got a handy little freeware seemless texturing plugin with this program as well which is good.

Gimp/flash - 2d graphic work

Uv mapper classic-Do the UV mapping for use in anim8or

Terranim8or-Any extra bits added in, effects etc

Audacity- recording voices, also editing the soundtrack and music

One to add to this isn't really a piece of software but is a piece of hardware i'm going to be using which is called a Korg padKontrol which is a midi controller for use in creating music on the computer

Any bits of software i've missed out is either because its not going to be used much or .... i forgot it! :D

Problem was i had no support with that project from my mate's but with this one i've got a lot more support because i think they are actually interested. Also at the time of making bits of beyond the dark sea i was doing GCSE's so doing it became very hard and i basicly lost track of where i was. I've still got a lot of the models and files that i created but no movies yet. I think at the time Beyond the Dark Sea was a little bit beyond me so it didn't really seem realistic to do. I was just talking to one of my other m8's the other day when they asked what ever happened to Beyond the Dark Sea and asked if i would ever finish it, so i will eventually come back to it. For now though i felt it was better just to start a fresh with a new story and get a solid script and storyline before i start making stuff. This time i've also got a lot more support and help which is great. Not including me i've got another 3 and soon 4 people helping.

Don't worry Kreator i will get something out of this project

As for now i got to get back to doing my english coursework... see the problem i got   :D

yeah i've done a little topic on the general discusion on AnimAnon, i'll get some more content together then make more of a move on making people aware of the project i think, wouldn't want to start anything too soon because it will be a long time until it is finished. I'll deffinatly be working on a little trailer which will also act as an intro to the film! Just not sure how long it will take to make....

Does anyone know how i could bring this project to a larger audience? At the moment it is mainly just people from this forum looking at it but does anyone have any ideas on how i could widen the audience and where to do it?

Yeah, i found a lot of influance from the game Portal if you've ever played that and also got a bit of inspiration from various films and stories as well.  If you have any trouble with the website, don't worry i am sorting it out very shortly. I'm currently with a terrible free webhosting company but i am switching to an add free one within the next week. If the adverts interfer just click the main flash website area and it shoud get rid of them over lapping the main website.

KiwiNM8OR that image was awesome, great stuff.

Finished Works and Works in Progress / Project Test Chamber (Film Short)
« on: October 16, 2008, 07:34:41 pm »
I have been working on this with some other people over the past few weeks and thought i would share it with the rest of you all!

Currently the website doesn't have any screens of the works in progress however this is because we are mainly focusing on the main script and storyboards. At the moment there is a quick storyline just to give you a little idea of what it is all about. Along with this there is also an area of project info (team, programs used etc)

I'm hoping on using anim8or for a large amount of the film as well as bits of blender and also a few other programs for modelling and texturing etc. Before we make a main animation on the actual story first we will be releasing a short snippet, a trailer sort of video to get the whole project really flowing. Hope to get more information on the website and here soon. I can't give you an exact date for a finish because this truely is quite a large project and is something that we are working on only in our free time but we will deffinatly be aiming to get a preview for you soon.



Feel free to add this adress onto your MSN Instant Messaging Program, i and others of the team will be off and on there to keep any of you up to date.

Also drop any comments you want down below!

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