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Author Topic: need models for cartoon  (Read 1554 times)


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need models for cartoon
« on: December 15, 2008, 12:21:58 pm »


I am a new user. I have written a children's book “ The first computer in the jungle” and I want to make a short 3d presentation for YouTube, I believe later this will be a children’s cartoon.

First I need the scene with the tiger ( the commander of the jungle’s coalition army ).
He wants to get information from the computer ( laptop, notebook  ), but he does not know how. He does not know anything about computers but later he will learn how to use them.

I quote part from the book (scene with the tiger and the laptop computer):

Late in the night, when everyone was sleeping tight, he grabbed the computer and went far to the end of the jungle. He put the computer on a fallen limb and ordered him:
   "Open up computer!"
Nothing happened, so the tiger tried with his magic words:
"Abracadabra – open up!"
"Hocus pocus – open up!"

While he was talking, with his paws he accidentally touched the opening button and the computer really opened. The screen lifted up and the keyboard appeared. The tiger was very satisfied. He felt  like he was some kind of a magician from the stories. Then he shouted out loud:

"Computer, computer I command
   Who is the strongest in the land?"

Nothing came out of the computer. The tiger got nearer, looked up in the screen and saw his own face. The picture on the screen was a bit blurry, but there was no doubt. It was him himself with “head and beard”, the great tiger from the jungle.
   "I knew it! I knew I was the strongest in the land!"
"Hurray!" he shouted out loud.

End of  quote ( scene).

The text is is in attach.

If there is anyone interested, email me or post a comment .