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[ COMPLETE ]Challenge #5: Wonderland!

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Challenge #5: Wonderland!

Alice in Wonderland, that is. Give us one (or more) of the characters or creatures in Lewis Carroll's world. You may use your own interpretation or use the original art from the book or use Disney's version, whatever you choose! The goal is to make a detailed character or creature from Alice in Wonderland or its sequel, Through the Looking-Glass. Give him/her/it a pose!


* Character Descriptions
* Pictures
* Google
Final Entry:

* Provide a single still render that showcases your entry
* Must be rendered in Anim8or using either the scanline or ART renderers.
Post your progress, c&c, and/or final renders in this topic!

Deadline: Friday, June 26th, 2009

What will be judged:
The final entries will be judged based on the best looking character or creature from the Alice in Wonderland series. This will be a public poll.

Well I guess Im going to do this one as well. Im going to put my little suzuki on hold and put some work into this. As alot of us know this story from when we were much younger. So I have looked through the reference sites and I decided to go with a particular picture of the Mad Hatter. Should be fun and look for progress from me! Good luck every one!


That's one of my favorite pics, good luck!

Cheshire Cat as I'm fan of cats ;)

Interesting topic, I'm going to have to have a go at this one. I'll be doing tweedledum and tweedledee. They're my least favorite characters but should be fun to model ;)


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