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Challenge suggestions

This topic is for suggestions for future anim8or challenges. If you have a good idea for a next anim8or challenge.
Maybe a moderator will pick your idea for the next challenge!

Please give clear examples of your ideas and keep it on topic.
Don't get sad or angry if you idea isn't picked for the next challenge: We can't start them all!

floyd86 - global moderator.

I'll suggest one I am personally bad at.

How about we go back to the tutorials and have an underwater challenge.

(Can be an aquarium too) I have no idea on how it should be judged though :P.

I think it would be cool to have a contest to see who can model the coolest album cover.

basically, you find an album cover you like

( for example

and making it 3d

I always thought that would be pretty interesting.

3D Joe Wiltshire:
Or make up your own album cover / product advert.

textureing challenge. have a model provided (or choose from a selection), and see who can texture it the best.


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