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[ COMPLETE ] Challenge #8: Walk Cycle

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Walk Cycle [Voting] (See entries below)

The Competition:
The goal of this competition is to create a walk cycle.  That's right, animation!  Either with one of the rigs provided, or with a rig of your own, animate a walk cycle for your character (from scratch).  You can always give it a bit of flair!  Make it happy, sad, overweight, seductive, or whatever you can think of (or just stick with a simple walk cycle).
Entries must be submitted as a rendered animation, and make sure the animation loops repeating itself at least 5 times (it's a drag to have to replay a character taking 2 steps over and over again.  The more steps the better!)

The Rigs:
(available in a .zip file below)
Pose Man 3 was created by SirBonovox who gave me permission a long time ago to distribute this file.
Zigs, Storyteller and PoseableGuy were all created by Jeb.  The models were downloaded and hosted by Bob_I_Ts.
figureskel and survaysequence were both created by Bob_I_Ts and hosted on his site.

Deadline: Monday, August 31 (8/31/09)
Good luck and happy Anim8ing!

Entries:[/youtube]]http://www. - AirAKose[/youtube]]http://www. - ENSONIQ5;topic=2563.0;attach=5607 - menamarco

3D Joe Wiltshire:
Just playing around with the posable guy.
Trying to decide whether or not to take part :P

Be something new, HiHosilver, participating with this one, especially as you suggested it matey.... I assume its got to be done all with anim8or  as opposed to other more proficient pieces of software, Bvh sequences spring to mind.


Yes, since its an anim8or forum the rules are that it should all be created in Anim8or, I'll be sure to edit my first post and include that!  Thanks Kreator.  As said as well, the animations must be created from scratch by the artist.  Bvh sequences are not allowed.
That's a very good idea, and I think I may just give it a go!

I think I have to put other things on hold and get involved with this one, it'll be just too much fun!  I haven't done a walk cycle in ages!


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