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[ COMPLETE ] Challenge #10: Take a photo

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Challenge Closed
The voting has started! Thanks everybody for participating in this challenge, now it's time to choose the winner.

Below is a list of all finished entries:

* $imon:
* Raxx: Photos - Final Images
* menamarco:
* Tof:
* Kubajzz:

Alright, the voting is over!

And the winner is... the one who didn't deserve it ;) ::)

Thanks everybody for the votes, congratulations to Simon, Raxx, menamarco and Tof for their great entries!

And good luck to all in the next challenge!

Congratulations everybody (especially Kubajzz, the great winner!), for the wonderfull works.
And thank you that you enjoy my work....I can't believe I take the second place in this challenge with some Stars of Anim8or.

Yea congrats everyone, and kubajzz is the deserved winner, great work!


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