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[ COMPLETE ] Challenge #11: Wild Wild West

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Challenge #11: Wild Wild West.

The eleventh anim8or challenge: Wild Wild West!

Howdie Ho, cowboys!! Welcome to a new anim8or challenge.
This time you will have to make a still render about the wild west. Think cowboy's, saloons, indians and bandits.
Make a scene which shows that typically wild western feeling.

Have fun, keep in mind the challenge rules and post your progress, c&c, and/or final renders in this topic.

Deadline: 2 weeks (November 19th)

What will be judged:
This challenge will have a public poll. Vote for the best still render.

Sounds like a fun challenge :) a lot of ways to go.. hmmmm.. what shall i do...

Good luck to everyone participating though!

3D Joe Wiltshire:
Damn, I have a great idea for this, too bad I don't have enough time to do it... oh well.

Good luck to any who participate, look forward to seeing many interesting ideas!

How many saloons wil pop up here  ::)

(probably 1 from me, if I can find some time next week)

Perfect timing! :D I'm doing a wild west project in my history class, so I can intertwine these two  :P


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