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Cool Gyper! :) you used path and image the correct way!
..time ago i send this post: LOGO COREL TO ANIM8OR ::)
is other way to model things like complex logos etc..

we be carrefull withs "points" in corel to maker the best model.
- delete or creat points IF NECESSARY before of export .AI  to Wings.


OMG, Very goooooooooooood. I loved Mortal Combal when I was little :) The game and the movie. If you say you're a begginer (witch I  can't believe it), that means in about a year you're gonna be very advanced :) Congratulations!!!
Really like the logo.

When i was young too, Mortal Kombat was very popular in my country, Russia ( i am russian, but i live in greece now :-\ ). I like the first movie and think it's piece of art, very good produser's work, but i don't like at all the second one. I don't remember if the produser and all the team were the same, but something happened. The second movie lost the spirit of the Mortal Kombat's world, which was totally present in the first. The characters in the second was good, but they were badly presented and i don't know what else, maby the budget was low :P. Ok, i'll stop now, to not to be punished from the moderators :D. About the beginner or not, i'm not only beginner in Anim8or and computer graphics ( even didn't know that you could do something like that on home computer ), but also i'm generally new in computer world, as the only computer i ever had is this wich i have now and i have it for one n half year ( Internet about a year  ), so you can say that i'm totally a noob ;D. As i said before, it's not a difficult project and actually doesn't represent my real skills. Just the logo in itself is beautiful. I have seen yours projects and omg guys, you are pro ;). I had seen many vids on youtube and they weren't actually very good, so when i heared about Anim8or and saw all this not so good examples of the Anim8or's capabilities ( not that i can do something better ;)) i was disappointed. But as soon i saw all that you had done,i realized that it was all about the user's skills. Have seen all the Anim8or challenges and just have no words to describe all these...amazing!!!! Hope that i'll  be able to take part in soon. ;)

Unfortunately have no time to, so the progress is very slow :'(. It's just my exams. Once I'll finish them things gonna be better I think  ;)

After a crash :'( we are back again with new one, now almost finished :


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