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A light under the bulb works only when the bulb is under an untransparent lamp cover, so the shadow created on the ceiling is actually what you see in reality. But you still get the shadow even when the bulb is under a semi transparent material, which is not the way the light behaves in reality. So, actually no work around available yet. The only way is if Steve can add some code.  ;) I can't resist to mention it ( though, I 'll post a detailed message or two, in the forum when it'll be the right time to do so ) : read in the forum, in some old topics, Steve said that he actually ( I thought it's impossible at all, due to the rendering algorithms choosen at begginings ) to work on the photon mapping rendering method (!!!) with all the goods (caustics e.t.c ) but it would just take him like 3 - 6 months. 3 - 6 months ... it's actually like nothing ( Steve disagrees  :D ) !!! I don't mind to wait 3-6 years !!! ( Steve although would  ;D )

Project update : almost finished the whole pre-final stage thing.


Are you using Glossyreflector for walls? (Just noticing the noise on the wall and how the blue above the couch is imparting colour onto the wall)

heh, yeah, though Id like to know the difference between his current implementation and photon mapping.


Nope, Trevor, no glossyreflector on the walls. Basic Anim8or material. The blue light comes from 6 local lights ( 3 on each half ) above couch, behind the vases,for decoretive purposes. The noise is generated from the shadow size ( =10 )  of the 3 local lights (yellow color ) near the window ( one infront of the panel curtains, to produce the shadow on everything inside the room and two behind the curtains to create the shadows on the wall, above the couch and ceilling, to give that kind of a sunny day light. Although I used 64 AA sampling, it's still too rough, so much more samples needed. ( so more time too, >>15 min of mine )


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