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Author Topic: Anim8or 3D for Battlezone II Combat Commander Modders.  (Read 1332 times)


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Anim8or 3D for Battlezone II Combat Commander Modders.
« on: March 30, 2012, 10:44:43 am »

For all you web searchers looking for BZII model making software give Anim8or a try.

It has several model formats that work with existing BZII modding tools like 3D Exploration for converting A8 3DS, OBJ, and customized X exporter courtesy of Amin8or user Raxx; he tweaked an existing X export script and created an XSI variant written specifically for the version 1 XSI format used by BZII.

Anim8or, is pretty simple modeling software that supports some excellent modeling tools for new want to be BZII modders. I like A8 and have started to learn how to make models and props for BZII. Thanks, Raxx you are a very cool Gent, and I appreciate the time you took to do what you did for me. Leroy. I attached two export scripts modifyied by Raxx and tweak by me that will work with Battlezone II Combat Commander. The X exporter will work with 3d Exploration for converting X models to BZII XSI, and the XSI exporter will load model directly into the BZII game engine itself.

PS: The exporter is currently capable of exporting a usable BZII style XSI model with a single group of objects; I got a Sabre style Tank into BZII, and it works complete with weapons and texture map. However, animation and true hierarchal sub grouping are not supported for more complex BZII models that use turret_y, turret_x, tread and tractor objects, etc.

FYI, textures must always be in powers of 2 like 128x128, 256x256, 512x512, and 1024x1024 to appear on your BZII models and props.

You also need to watch your model scaling as Anim8or's default grid size is 10 meters per square and models can appear quite huge in BZII. Just remember to build small and use the zoom function to enlarge the model in the A8 workspace.

Another useful feature of A8 is to use the view all feature to divide the workspace into 4 rectangular viewports; it allows you to edit and view the model from multiple angles.

You can also use the Object-Import function to import other model files like BZII hardpoints into the current model file. When it asks if you want to overwrite the existing model file answer no and give the imported file a new name like BZIIHP's. Then you can use Object menu to switch between the original model and the imported file. Then you can switch to the imported file and use the Select-all function to copy and paste the contents of the imported file into the original model file. Using this method allows you to create common files like hardpoints for reuse on other BZII models and props.

I rate Anim8or a solid 10 of 10 for people new to 3d modeling software and a respectable 5 for more experienced model makers. Anim8or, is an excellent starter program, and most people will find it useful enough to continue using it for other modeling projects once they begin the master the software.
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